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Our Current Project: The Stairs

Look At Our Current Project, The Stairs!

Our Current Project: The Stairs

How Our Stairs Are Looking And What We Plan To Do With Them…

Hello friends, I hope that you are having a nice weekend! I wanted to pop in and give a quick look at our current project in the house right now… The stairs! We have a really neat staircase in this house that is covered in old carpeting. It has been on our list to tackle them. So we took a peek to see what was underneath.

Our Current Project: The Stairs

It was just plywood, but we were happy with that and decided to move forward and remove it all!

Our Current Project: The Stairs

But like many a DIY projects, this ended up being more work and prep than we imagined, haha! So once the dirty (even though we had it deep cleaned before moving in) stained carpet was up, the next step was sanding and getting all the drywall mud off.

Our Current Project: The Stairs

Here you can see the carpet is completely done. We did a couple stairs a day. Just this week we sanded everything down (not shown here). Next we need to repair drywall and lastly we will cover the sides and risers before painting. Still a ways to go but it is getting there. Can’t wait to share with you once it is done!

We also have a really fun project planned for the living room there starting next month and I am so excited! I look forward to keeping you updated, slowly but surely we are making this place our own and we are so thankful to enjoy it here. I appreciate you visiting with me.

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  1. Love seeing all you are doing in your home. It’s looking great!! Happy Easter to you and your family.

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