Shop the House Design Challenge 4


Welcome to our final post for the, Shop the House Design Challenge – you can read here for the first post that shares all the details.  This has been such a joy to take part in and I have welcomed the challenge. I have loved getting to be creative within our means and sharing with you how I decorate using what we already have. Making a space new without spending any money. It has been a pleasure to do it alongside these talented ladies and please make sure to check out their spaces as well…

Courtney from The Hamby Home

Allison from A House and A Dog

Kendra from Momtique

Brooke from Start at Home

Iris from Iris Nacole

The last time you saw this room it looked something like this, although I feel as though this room is always changing!  It has a fireplace which makes it extra fun to style and move around.


Now today it looks like this…


You may notice a big change that happened in between now and then and it our new Stikwood wall – which we have enjoyed so much! That was not a part of the challenge for today and so I am focussing on the furniture and surrounding pieces of decor.


(Number 7 Pillow – Painted Fox, affiliate link in profile)

Excluding the wall, I used things that we had scattered throughout the home. I am constantly rotating pillows and did the very same this time. I filled the sofa bed with linen textures and creamy tones.


One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to change the look of the room is to use florals or greenery that may be growing in your yard.  These lilacs were blooming and I couldn’t resist. You may seen them here from yesterday’s post.


I loved the pops of purple arranged throughout the room and what a fragrant impact they made… I only wish they lasted longer!


You can place them on a tray, in a corner or a surface top.


Next, I moved a different chair into the corner of the room. Before I had a more modern sleek piece and this rattan chair softened the room, giving it some character.


I kept the mantel simple by moving my Wellbrock Art above the fireplace.


Lastly, I layered a rug on top of the area rug already sitting there and there was instant texture.


It is so much fun to see the changes this room has been through just by looking around and reusing what we have.


Each blanket and each throw gives a different look to a space. There isn’t a need to always buy something new and it feels wonderful to accomplish this without spending a penny.


You can see this room styled all 4 ways down below…


I hope you enjoyed the process and that you are inspired to shop the house on occasion too.  Thank you so much for being here!


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    1. Iris thank you so much sweet friend! I appreciate it! I loved watching your beautiful styling each time, you are so talented!

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