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Small Spaces Series – Our Living Room, Office and Guest Room All in One

Happy Friday all! I don’t normally post on Friday’s, but I have been hard at work on this room and wanted to share it before letting another weekend go by… Today I am sharing it as part of the Small Spaces Series that I have been doing here on the blog. Basically I am going through most of the rooms in our smaller home and sharing how we utilize these spaces to the best of their capabilities.

Today’s focus is on our Formal Living Room, rather it is a multi-purpose room. It is a living space, a small office area and it is also a guest room when necessary. You may remember we had a DIY sofa here originally (that we used for many years), but we recently changed it out to a sleeper sofa that we received from Wayfair. And this new sofa is an important part of the room so I can’t wait to show more!

When thinking about a room that is used for a variety of purposes there a  few things to consider and tips I would give from my experience. First –

Decorate the room and enjoy it!

Just because a room may need to serve as an office and or a living space doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Over time I have had so much fun making this room a place that we can relax and discovering the tone for the entire space. Of course it is still a work in progress, but it is getting there ;)…

Use compact pieces and your walls…

As seen here, we have a wall that is part of our hallway. Last summer I transformed the wall by having it house a desk and a convertible desk (which I love). The hanging desk folds out and gives us plenty of room to work. But when it isn’t needed I can tuck it away.

Our family is able to use every inch of this room by making it work this way and I wouldn’t change anything about this wall to this day! It was the best choice ever.

On a more personal note, my littlest is heading to school full time next year which means a new season for all of us (and maybe some big tears from me here and there). As I started designing this room I really tried to make it a place I can look forward to being as we approach a new school year. I will be pursuing my passions (as the kiddos head to schoo)l and I’m not totally sure what that will look like as of now… But I hope that this room will be a place I can enjoy “work”. While I am not ready to let go of this season at home everyday with my girl, I am trying to embrace the change as it approaches and be excited for us all.

Make spaces work for you and not the other way around.

Again, I know I have said that before, but I will keep repeating it. Don’t worry too much about all of the rules when it comes to decorating and just fit in what you need. Sure having an office wall in our front living room is a little silly but it suits us. It makes the house better for everyone.

Use convertible furniture.

This is probably the most important tip for our room here.

(Please note we did change the legs on this sleeper as I wanted to add height – be advised this effects the way the bed will pull out though too – we were able to work around it with some DIY magic).

We now have the pretty Sarah Sleeper Sofa from Wayfair in (Classic Bleach White) that will sit as a sofa full time. We are enjoying it’s quality, classic lines, elegant look and all the options it provides comfortably to our family.

On the seldom occasion that we have guests, it can easily and comfortably fold out into a cozy guest bed.

Now our living room is a spare room for family and friends! Or like seen above an office with a hanging cabinet that blends into the wall and coverts into extra table space.

Use versatile and interchangeable pieces of furniture.

Much like the convertible furniture, versatile pieces are key.

(Rachel Ottoman and Dana Side Table from Grandin Road)

I moved in some of my recent Addison Slipper Chairs from Grandin Road so I could have a coffee table or a side table.

(Addison Slipper Chairs from Grandin Road)

These pieces, including the chairs can quickly and effortlessly be moved around when the room changes as well.

Have furniture that also works as storage.

We have had that chest in our family for years and I intend  to keep it for many more. It holds all of my crafting supplies and adds some charm to the room. I like to display simple things atop and keep everything light and fresh.

First a living room, then an office and sometimes a guest room… this little space works very hard for us and we appreciate it. Sure these could be three separate rooms in a different house, but we work with what we have and it is just right. Looking at these tricky or small spaces can be fun and you may be shocked at what you will find. How you can make them function and be surprised how little space you really do need! I hope it encouraged you today and that you may leave with some good ideas…

A big thank you to Wayfair and Grandin Road for the furniture/accessories as we completed this room. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Yet another GORGEOUS room, yet ohhh so functional!
    It is magazine worthy for sure. Love that mirror and ottoman.=)

    1. Karen you are so kind to me, thank you! I am so glad you think so and I really appreciate you stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend ~

  2. The room is just so beautiful and I love how you are making it work for your family. Such a great idea to have a sofa & desk that folds or unfolds to for guests and office work. We move from a smaller home to a larger one and sometimes, I feel like I never know what to do with it. Plus the larger the home, the more stuff to fill it up therefore, some may sit empty (experience here). Anyway, I hope it all goes well with your little one starting school soon.

    1. Zan what a sweet compliment and thoughtful words! That was a lovely encouragement and I am so glad you stopped by – thank you. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  3. Love your room and all the versatility. It looks beautiful and bright. I have a small space too and I definitely need look into all these ideas.Have a great weekend.

  4. Love it! Probably because we also have a multi-function room which is similar in usage to yours. Sometimes it can feel like you are doing without, but I have found that we spend more time together as a family–not so many places where we can hide from each other. I love the fold-down desk–great idea. Is your sleeper sofa comfortable for sitting? We may be in the market for a new one in the next couple of years and I like the classic lines of yours.

  5. Love the transformation in this room, and the fact that it functions for many different purposes! It was great seeing the full space, too, to see how you arrange the furniture and how it all fits. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I just found this post 🙂 I love it! I love that you changed out the legs on the couch. How do you even think of these things?? Every single aspect of this room looks incredible!

  7. Love everything! Is your fireplace wood or is it the tile planks that look like wood? Did you cover over brick?
    Love the look. Thanks

      1. Oh my thank you so much for replying Annie!! I’ve look online unfortunately it’s out of stock But you have definitely inspired me to create a similar look! I love your room that you have created too looks cool and cosy!
        Thank you once again!

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