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Peony Floral Arrangment

A Pretty Floral Arrangement With Peonies!

Peony Floral Arrangement

How To Put Together A Simple Peony Floral Arrangement!

Hi again sweet friends! I recently made a trip to the local Farmers Market here in town and grabbed some beautiful florals. These florals were more wildflower type… But I wanted to incorporate a peony or two in there as well! I am sharing how easy it was to put this Peony floral arrangement together and I am joining some friends as well. Thanks to Ashley from Modern Glam, Janine from Happy Happy Nester, and Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home for hosting this fun hop!

Peony Floral Arrangement

I grabbed a simple glass vase to use and fill up!

Peony Floral Arrangement

As always, I like to start my arrangements with the filler flowers such as these white ones…

Peony Floral Arrangement

Then I layer in the smaller florals, like these cornflower blue ones!

Peony Floral Arrangement

Lastly, I put in the larger flowers… I couldn’t find fresh peonies at this time…

Peony Floral Arrangement

So I grabbed a faux stem instead and it looked great!

Peony Floral Arrangement

You can see how the flowers delicately dance out of the vase!

Peony Floral Arrangement

And the large peony blossom fills up the space perfectly.

Peony Floral Arrangement

Floral arranging will always be one of my favorite things to do and it is so wonderful to get to share it with you!

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