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Thrifting for Home

Hello friends! I have taken a mini break over here lately… I have just really been trying to reflect on my “why” here and what I share, how I share it, etc… I absolutely love that I get to do this with you all and as of late, I am really wanting to focus on being intentional with what I share. Not just sharing to share, but share because it is meaningful or helpful. When I first started blogging here I was talking about my journey as a stay at home mom and how we managed as a one income family. One of the things I did often was thrifting for clothing/decor back then. I let that go as things got busier, life was full and truthfully I needed to do it less. But the fact is… I really missed it! And I have started doing it again each week. I share my adventures in thrifting on IG stories each Tuesday. Since doing that, I have wanted to share what I found while thrifting and how I use it at home. So here we go!

These last couple months I have brought home a couple of treasures. Everything from vases, to outdoor chairs. You may have seen them already but today I am going to highlight them with hopes that it may inspire you to do a little treasure hunting yourself!

thrifting for home

I first found this large black vase for around 5 dollars. These large vases with this shape are pretty popular right now and it was fun to find something similar for nearly nothing! I believe these vases online are selling for $50 and above.

Thrifting for Home

I also grabbed this sweet antique vase. It holds eucalyptus very well 😉 and I think it is fun that it is a collectors item. I need to go look at the name underneath the vessel, but I am too lazy to get off the couch and check now, haha.

Thrifting for Home

As we updated the bedroom, I knew I wanted a small but substantial vase for my nightstand. I looked at all my decor stores with no luck. Then I happened upon the vase pictured above at our local thrift shop. The only thing was that it had a silver finish. But when thrifting, you just have to think outside the box! I quickly brought it home and gave it a fresh coat of black matte spray paint! And it became a new piece for less than $5!

I am always drawn to little trays when thrifting as well. You can usually find something perfect for holding keys, bills or just looking pretty. This woven basket tray was two dollars and found its way to our new dresser!

Thrifting for Home

Maybe my most favorite find lately are these wicker bucket chairs! They were $14 a piece and completed our outdoor area here.

I think that one of the things I enjoy the most with thrifting is the thrill of it… Finding a special piece that you know will be a great fit for home and that you scored it for a fraction of the cost! I have a couple more pieces to share soon as I continue to enjoy thrifting each week. I am thinking about incorporating how I find/style outfits for me (or the kids) as well!

This is the creative joy that got me excited to share with you all in the very beginning and I want to make sure to continue that on throughout the years…

Thanks so much for visiting with me today!

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  1. Annie—
    I, too, love thrifting! Seeing how you use your finds is inspiring!
    I have virtually accessorized every room in my home with thrifted and estate sale finds.
    I also sell goodies in my vintage booth.
    I think you’re incredibly gifted with the ability to make your finds look high-end!

    1. Oh Carol I love that! I bet it is all so beautiful! Thank you friend, I really appreciate all of that! xo

  2. Oh, I love all of your thrift finds…especially the chairs. Such a great series for you to blog about and a nice reminder that we don’t always have to buy new:) Look forward to future posts. P.S.Where did you get the little black/white outdoor side table? Love it!

  3. Love all your finds.
    The chairs are gorgeous.
    Adore thrifting,never know what you will find.
    My latest find were 6 Wedgwood Edme and 6 Wedgwood Moss rose cups and saucers,all brand new!! I was delighted.

  4. I loved seeing how you incorporate your thrifted finds into your home and decor! I’ve also enjoyed seeing the items at thrift stores and the ideas you’ve shared in your stories as you are out thrifting! Thanks for adding this into your blogging and Instagram….happy Monday!

    1. Lanita, that makes me so happy to know, thank you for sharing! I appreciate it and plan to keep sharing! Have a great week!

  5. Thrifting is a great way to decorate but I have to remember my rule of something in, something out or soon my home is full of clutter.

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