My Favorite Project in the House

I have a couple “favorite” projects that we have done in our house.

My very favorite is the island that sits in our kitchen.  When we were first looking to buy a home I knew I wanted to have a spot in the kitchen for an island.  The kitchen in our house is different but there is this big space that was once used for an eat-in kitchen; so we converted it to an area with an island and some more cabinets.

Back then I was getting my inspiration from mostly magazines and I remember seeing an island where the top hung out longer so that seating could be arranged around.  I loved that idea – this gave me both the island that I had wanted  and I was able to keep the eat-in kitchen.  I searched Craigslist and found a used little island and then bought a butcher countertop from Ikea.

















NUMERAR Countertop from Ikea

We removed the original top from the small island and replaced it with the butcher countertop. Underneath there is more room for storage.This is where I keep all of our art supplies.

The island is my favorite project not only because I love the functionality of the piece but because this is where we spend so much of our time.  As an immediate family we spend all our meals around this table.  Z is learning (E will too as she grows) that this is how we do dinner as a family; it is a daily tradition.  This has become a place where we pray, eat, play, learn, and spend quality time together. I even fold my laundry here.  When we have get togethers this is where people congregate.  More than how this island looks, I love what the island means for our family and that is why it is my favorite.  For moments like tonight where E had her first taste of solid food.

Here are some more pictures of the rest of our kitchen too.

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