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Updating Your Outdoor Furniture With Paint

Updating Your Outdoor Furniture With Paint

It has been quite the line up of outdoor events here on the blog! And today I am back with Shauna at Satori Design for Living as part of the Outdoor Extravaganza… This week’s theme was all about outdoor paint and builds. And I wanted to share all about how you can update your weathered outdoor furniture with paint!

So in true DIY nature, this project gave me a couple hiccups here and there. One of them being my “before” pictures. I had taken a few pictures of our furniture before prep, during and then the after. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted them before downloading, oops! But I do have a side by side here down below for you to take a peek at. This shows the chairs as they looked last year and then what a little paint did to spruce them up for a new season.

We have really enjoyed this set and it was in great shape when we got it. Because we weren’t able to bring it in or cover it properly during the fall and winter months, it did get weathered. We had the choice to either restain it or paint it and I went with painting. And to make it even more simple with all the intricate details of this furniture set, I went with spray painting!

With pieces like mine above or even wicker pieces, spray painting makes the job much more doable. I can’t imagine trying to handpaint all of this… I suppose you could, but it would take a lot of time and devotion, haha. The only issue with spray paint, is that it is not “weather” proof. It will still need to be pulled inside or undercover when the rain comes.

Updating Your Outdoor Furniture With Paint

Since all of my prep photos are lost, I will still share the steps we followed.

  • In order to ensure an even coating and good coverage, we began by sanding down the spots that were damaged or weathered badly.
  • We also sanded as much as we could in places that were easy to reach. Due to the fact that there were a lot of pieces that were criss crossed ;), we didn’t worry about getting everything sanded.
  • Then we took a high quality spray paint (here) to get the job done. Using the spray paint allowed us to get into all the nooks and crannies. And here is the other hiccup I ran into… I needed a lot more spray paint than I thought! So to cover my two chairs it took 3 cans of paint. In fact, I they still need a bit of touching up with some more yet. So when considering this project it would be good to know that it does take extra paint for good coverage. Even so, it is still budget friendly! But… because I ran out of paint this project was put on hold until I can grab more and finish. For now, I am sharing what the chair looks like though just to give a good idea!

Updating Your Outdoor Furniture With Paint

Overall, I am really happy with the results and looking forward to finishing the whole set!

Updating Your Outdoor Furniture With Paint

So stay tuned for the complete look later on down the road! I hope that this project gives you some good ideas on how to repurpose weathered or old pieces and how we can easily use what we still have making it new again!

Don’t forget to visit my sweet friends down below. I can’t wait to go look at all their pretty projects! Thanks so much for stopping by…

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  1. Loving the black! Did you know you can get outdoor spray paint? That’s what I used for my basket. Although, you’d still probably want to keep it covered as much as possible. Thank you for joining the OE this year. It was fun 🙂

  2. The chair looks great with a spray of black paint. I’m all for repurposing furniture rather than buying new, especially when it has good bones 😉

  3. It looks fantastic, Annie! But isn’t wooden furniture so much maintenance in our Pacific Northwest climate. We ended up staining some of ours… and I need to deal with my patio set again this year. You did a great job bringing it back to life.

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