DIY Post – Easy Chenille Stem Christmas Trees

I was looking through my supplies and found these metallic chenille stems (or pipe cleaners) and wooden dowels. I decided that this would make the most simple and organic yet festive Christmas tree!

Here is what you will need…
– A pack of chenille stems or pipe cleaners
– a small wooden dowel
– a canning jar lid (glued together)
– a glue gun (not pictured)

Here are the few simple steps to make this pretty decoration…

Start wrapping and twisting one stem around starting at the top. I wrapped and twisted the top ones around more and did so less towards the bottom of the tree.


Continue wrapping until you have filled the entire tree and used the package of stems. You can slide and space the wrapped stems down the dowel a bit to make the tree look full.

Begin trimming the edges of the stems so that they are generally shorter at the top and longer towards the bottom. I wasn’t too precise about this because I liked it looking rustic and natural.

Hot glue the dowel to the jar lid using a dime size dollop of glue. Let it sit and cool while pressing down.

That is it! So simple and inexpensive! You could do these in any variety of color to match whatever your decor may be! I hope you try these out and thanks as always for stopping by!

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