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My Favorite Types of Faux Flowers and Greenery

Well it has been a busy week! I am stopping in really quick to share some of my favorite faux flowers and greenery with you today! I love having real flowers and plants when possible… But sometimes, it isn’t possible, available or in the budget! So that is where faux comes in so handy!

When listing my favorites they include: eucalyptus, magnolia leaves, green leaves, ferns, palms, roses, hydrangeas, hyacinths and peonies!

I have this large gold vase (above) that sits behind our sofa and while it would be nice to fill it with fresh eucalyptus, it would be impossible to keep up with each week. So faux makes it possible to have greens there all year long!

Here in our bedroom, I put a small grouping of white lilacs as they weren’t blooming in real time yet.

And as summer rolls around, you will find lots of ferns filling my vessels because I cannot keep them alive here at our house… lol.

Faux can be a good thing and when it comes to greenery/flowers it is a great thing!

Incorporating faux into arrangements helps fill them up without having to spend a fortune on bundle after bundle of flowers. You can see that above with the peony and ferns.

And here below I have put together a group of some of my favorites with affiliate links. I hope you know how much I appreciate your support with these links and I never take it lightly! I appreciate you stopping by!

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