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Decorating your Table for Easter on a “Dollar Store” Budget

Since almost every post is about being on a budget, I thought it would be fun to share how you can make a table setting for under 20 dollars by getting your supplies at the dollar store or somewhere similar.  These are my own dishes, napkins and glasses but the rest is recently purchased.

Here is what I found at our local dollar store and how I put it together for a table setting of eight..

  • 8 wreaths = $8.00  -The wreaths were used for my chargers underneath my plates and I love them because I will use them most of the year!
  • 1 bag of shredded paper = $1.00  -I filled my bowls with this to give the effect of a bird’s nest
  • 1 bag of styrofoam eggs – $1.00  -I added these on top of the shredded paper.  I also painted mine silver but you could leave them unpainted
  • 1 box of brass Tacks =$1.00  -I used these to decorate the styrofoam eggs and pushed them into the eggs to create the look of polka dots. 
  • 3 cylinder glass vases = $3.00  -I filled mine with boxwood greens from the yard.  You could use sticks, greens or spend an extra couple bucks to get real or fake flowers.
  • A pack of paper straws = $1.00 – I got these from the craft store for about a dollar. I have heard some dollar stores carry them! I added these for additional pattern in each glass.
  • 1 tube of craft wrapping paper = $1.00 I used this as a runner for the table
  • 1 piece of Scrapbook Paper =$1.00 i got this at the craft store.  I cut mine up into 3 rectangles and covered the inside of the vase. 

These comes to a grand total of $17.00 and that is for a table of eight!  I did have twine already that I used to tie around the vases just to create some more interest but that is completely optional.

Again things don’t have to be expensive or fancy to look good.  This project is nice because you can change the materials to fit your decor.  Just change up the paper and the color of the eggs to for your home.  Just in case you are looking for more Spring decor – here are a couple additional projects using dollar store items!

I took these ceramic figurines and painted them with acrylic white paint.  You could also spray paint – so easy!

You can stack them on plates/cake stands or place them in a vignette.

Lastly , you can fill glass containers with your strofoam eggs and shredded paper (same as in the table settings).  So simple and pretty – plus you can decorate seasonally without breaking your budget.  I hope you try these things out and thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Annie, is it okay to cry over how beautiful this turned out? I mean it’s breathtaking, and I bet anyone that just saw a picture of it, would never know that you didn’t spend a fortune to get it to look like this. I’m in awe. 🙂

    1. Iris – thank you – you are the sweetest and I sure appreciate the huge compliment! I have been loving your amazing transformations and looking at your lovely home!!

  2. Pshh I agree too!! Seriously, it looks like an add from Williams Sonoma or Pottery Barn! Super smart! Especially using the wreaths as placemats . You would never know they were not full placemats (I sure didnt)

  3. Thank you for this wonderful post. I took away so many great ideas from it. The wreaths used as placemats is such a great and inexpensive idea.

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