Bathroom Renovation “Before”

Hello and welcome today… to our bathroom ;). And a hardworking bathroom at that. This is the only bathroom in our home and we have really learned some lessons regarding patience, taking turns and the list goes on – ha. Many times I have thought (really dreamed) about having a second bathroom,  but the reality is we have one for now and that is just fine. We make it work and we are appreciate for what we have! It’s a basic bathroom that we have made some very simple updates through the 9 years of living here. Now here is the exciting part about sharing this little bathroom with you today. It is getting some big updates and we are grateful to be partnering with Wayfair to do a Bathroom Renovation! Yay this space is getting a fresh look in a big way!

I wanted to share all the “befores” with you as we prepare to work on giving it a makeover. As you can see, there is a small single vanity and mirror. Literally right next to it is the toilet and the tub/shower.

We have maximized storage space the best that we could and kept things light and bright to make the room appear larger.

The tile isn’t horrible but it has some cracks throughout and the grout kinda drives me nuts at times because it has yellowed (p.s. I really cleaned this place up so you can see even with good cleaning it is truly time for a renew).

Here is more cracking along the tub which has been filled in but really looks kinda wonky up close.

We have hung towels throughout to make space efficient and below you can see the lighting above the mirror.

This lighting came with the house and it gets the job done. Although, the fixtures and finishes are mismatched. Again there is nothing wrong with that and obviously we have enjoyed it enough to live with it for this long. But making the space cohesive will be exciting and refreshing!

One of the things that I have had on my wish list for this space was to increase the surface area of our vanity. It is tiny and things fall off and into the sink ALL. THE. TIME… lol

I originally painted these cabinet doors and that helped but we plan to now use something with clean lines and bright white.

This bathroom has been great, but I sure am anxious to update this space! Here is what we plan to do and what we will be using…

So stay tuned as I can’t wait to share this bathroom with you when we are all done!

A big thank you to Wayfair for providing these products for our renovation and all thoughts are 100% my own.

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    1. Dianne thank you so much and for taking the time to visit. It will be fun to share the updates – we are so grateful to have you here joining us!

  1. First, it’s nice to be subscribed to a blog where the person actually lives in a “normal” size home. It will be exciting to watch the transformation. However, you still managed to make that room look classy and fresh!

    1. Cindy I really appreciate your heartfelt comments and your encouragement as we share our journeys of home along the way. I am really glad to have you here!

    1. Kim oh thank you so much and I love hearing when other friends also understand the “one” bathroom ;)… I really appreciate your encouragement!

  2. Wow….how exciting!! I love the plans you shared and can’t wait to see how it all turns out! Blessings…..

    1. Lanita thank you so so much – can’t tell you how much I appreciate that and look forward to sharing it all with you. Have a great rest of your week!

  3. Wohoo!! Can’t wait to see the “after”. I just know it will be beautiful. We lived with a “one bathroom home” for 6.5 years with 2 littles…. you speak truth regarding the life lessons learned. Ha!

    1. Thank you Connie and for allowing us to get a big job done while taking care of our littles! Lots of good lessons to be learned with one bathroom ;)… xo!!!

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