DIY Pom Pom Flowers

These delicate DIY pom pom flowers are lovely anytime of the year but especially on Valentine’s Day!

Three Pom Pom flowers in a glass vase with one lying on the counter.
I saw these adorable DIy Pom Pom Flowers on Pinterest and made my own simple tutorial. These could be used for any time of year but in sticking with the Valentine theme, I thought it would be fun to use some subtle pinks and also some vibrant pinks as well!

Here is what you will need –
– yarn
– floral wire

Pom poms and wire on the counter.

Here is how you will make them –
– make poms using this tutorial from In My Own Style and found on my Pom Garland post.
– take a couple floral wires and twist together. Make a small loop at the top.

-attach poms to the top loops on the floral wire (with the two longer strings) by knotting and then trimming.

The Pom Pom flowers in a persons hand who has blue nail polish.
This was a quick and fun project. I love the whimsical look of these Seuss-like blooms! Hope you try it out and thanks for stopping by!

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