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When camping isn’t your thing – A Pop – Up – Trailer Tour

I’ll be honest – camping really isn’t my thing. I think camping is wonderful if you enjoy it (and so many people do) but it just isn’t my kind of hobby.  My sweet husband, on the other hand, LOVES camping and it is absolutely his thing.  He is a skilled camper and when he does it he feels refreshed and alive. In an attempt to compromise, we got a pop-up-trailer to make camping a bit more enjoyable for someone like me and possible for Ty so that we could do more of it.

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With little money to spend on updating this fun new adventure – I got creative.  This may seem silly to some of you as this trailer is intended for the outdoors. I often get asked why I choose light colored slipcovers and beds when I have little children and there is dirt everywhere… It is simple and works for us; whenever needed – we just throw it all in the wash.  I don’t stress about dirty feet or hands and we still live full lives, but I know I can give our stuff a soak if need be.  Our pop-up was no exception to this rule.

I ended up sewing some basic slip covers for the cushions from thrifted table cloths, used thrifted shower curtains for dividers and extra curtains I had at home for the windows here. An old/washable runner covers the floor and a thrift store lamp gives some soft light. I painted the cabinetry white and ironed on starfish/shells to some old pillows. I used extra sheets for the mattress covers and some baskets for storage/texture.

I spent about 50 dollars on these simple changes and have some more in mind for the future. The great thing about almost all of it is that they are easy to clean and cost little to update.  This sweet little getaway also gives us some extra space for guests when they visit as we have a small house. It makes camping enjoyable for our little family and made compromise possible for a couple with different interests.

When you can’t buy a beach house don’t let that stop you from getting creative and making your own version.  This also applies to your home – think outside the box and have fun making your places a haven you enjoy spending time.

Just for fun here are a couple before pictures.

 Thanks so much for stopping by – hope you each have a wonderful week!

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  1. Hi Annie, Welcome to blog world & also for joining Craft berry Bush Blog,what talented woman I get to visit with each day, I ended up just stumbling onto a Blog, about 7 or 8 yrs. ago just by typing in the words “Romantic Home” to get ideas for decorating my humble home. WOW is all I can say, I tell my girlfriends all the time what they are missing, I am definitely hooked. I have to visit & stare with just Awe…talk about creative people, regular housewives no formal training in I.D.

    1. Sorry Annie I hit a button & this ended up going through before I could say well done I love your decorating style & love your pop up. it kind of makes me sad we got rid of our 1965 self-contained camper we got rid of in 1983 kids were getting bigger & didn’t want to go anymore, took that money from the sale of the camper & took them to Disney World in Fl. wonderful memories to enjoy while you can. Best regards, Cindy

      1. Cindy – thank you so much for your thoughtful words – I appreciate it. All those memories are so special for our children and I am sure that your children treasure them.

  2. This is such a great idea. Reminds me of the time I did some updating to my grandpa’s camper. So soft serene and peaceful just the way you should feel out camping!

  3. Camping isn’t my thing either, but I might be more willing to do it if I could stay in such a pretty trailer! You have an amazing style and seem to know just what to put together! I’m so excited to be “working” with you on Lucy’s blog. I’d love if you’d be willing to share some of your work today at my link party if you get a chance! Have a great day.

    1. Hi Jamie thank you so much for your sweet words! I have loved finding you and am thrilled to be “working” with you also. Your style is inspirational and your words are encouraging – what a lovely blog you have! Hope I’m not too late to join – I will stop by today. Thank you!

  4. My goodness…you nailed it! Your camper is awesome. I have a vintage camper that we revamped and I love, love it. Its all white inside. Never camped before and now its my love. Job well done.

  5. So cute. I just did something similar in our popup. I was wondering what you are using to hold the curtains up? I am using double sided velcro but it looks like you found a hook of some sort?

    1. Thank you very much Jenna! I actually just found curtain hooks (at our local craft store) that you stick through the material and then I just hung them off the sliding bar. I was having the same issue trying to figure out what we would use… Hope you have a good weekend!

  6. You did a great job on the pop-up! We loved RV camping with my folks years ago. It’s been years since I did tent camping but it was fun, sometimes!

  7. Wow…..I’m so glad I found this! Stunning. So tired of tent camping, I know I could be happy in something like this though!

  8. Looks amazing! Could you tell me a little more about curtain process? Did you remove the old tracks and how are the rods held up? Thank you!

    1. Hi Brooke, thanks so much! We did remove the sliding mechanism and have actual curtain extension rods up there. I am hoping to pull together a little how to post soon!

      1. Did you ever write a post on how you did the curtains? This is an issue we are currently facing.

  9. How did you hang your curtains? We recently bought our first pop up and the curtains are the first thing that need to go!

  10. My favorite pop-up renovation, for sure! Sorry if I missed the answer to this question, but can you post your cabinet painting process, pretty please?

  11. Hi, I just found this post and LOVE it, truly inspired. Can you let me know what type of pop up this is. I am now looking to buy one, with a dream of getting it to look and feel even somewhat like this!

  12. I am SO in love with this! It is exactly my style. We just purchased a ’95 pop-up and are in the process of remodeling it. We have two large pups that we take camping, and my boyfriend was worried about the white showing all of the dirt, but having everything be removable and washable solves that problem! Love it all!

  13. Can you tell me what camper you have? I am so curious about the bench layout. Most other pop ups have a dinette.

  14. Know this is an old post. I want to rip the wall paper of our cannot and paint it and the wooden cabinets. What do you suggest? Do you have to sand it all? Thanks Annie. I’m such a fan of your work. ♥️

    1. Coullee, that is so kind, thanks very much! I am not sure about the wall paper to be honest, or maybe look into covering it with another wall paper you like better? I used paint/primer for our cabinets and there are chips to cover from time to time as the years pass by. I did it without sanding, as the cabinets were laminate. But if I did it again, I would consider chalk paint as it is so great for projects like that. I would look into prepping the surface beforehand with chalk paint to make sure crackling doesn’t happen either. I personally don’t have a post on all of that (chalk paint prep), but I am sure someone has created something helpful regarding all of that. I hope that was a little helpful and how exciting to enjoy getting yours all ready!

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