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Simple Winter/Christmas Decor Ideas

Let me help you with your holiday decor with some wonderful simple winter/Christmas ideas.

We have been indoors a lot this last week with a yucky bug and needless to say, I have had plenty of time to look around our house or kinda study it =).  I have been thinking about what was important to me when decorating this Christmas and into the winter season… I broke this up into a few simple categories that would be easy to replicate and use for any decorative style…

White couch with antler pillow on it, and white Christmas trees all lit up.

(Antler Pillow from So Vintage Chic here)

1. Trees with or  without ornaments.  This year as I have decorated, I have really enjoyed the notion of having simple trees around and lots of them.  Yes I do have some that are intentionally decorated but I also have some that are plain.  I love the simplicity of it, but at the same time it brings a Christmas feeling to each room with or without decorative ornaments.

A mini green Christmas tree on the coffee table in the living room.

(Copper Tray is from Painted Fox Treasures, affiliate link in sidebar)

2. Twinkle Lights.  I started bringing out twinkle lights in October and do not plan on packing them away until after the winter.  They are beautiful on a tree and they are pretty anywhere.  They do not have to be reserved only for Christmas time either.  They give a subtle ambiance that compares to no other.

Holiday wreath on the wall in the living room.

3. Stacking/Grouping Objects.  Don’t be afraid to stack and arrange your decor.  The items pictured above are simple and half of them were found while thrifting.  By grouping the items together they are more interesting and complete.  A simple tree or wreath all on its own would not be enough, but by grouping some simple things together it makes the wall complete.

White couch, distressed white coffee table, a bean bag chair and a white Christmas tree with lights in living room.

(Globe Pouf is from Painted Fox, here.)

4. Mix and Match. This rule is true for any time of year.  I love to mix and match and find that doing so makes the space intriguing.  I have used two different poufs/cubes here along with a variety of throw blankets and pillows.  They all carry the same texture or color in some way but are different enough to stand out a bit.

A basket full of greenery, pine cones and a Christmas ornament on the coffee table.

5. Greenery.  Don’t underestimate the importance of using greenery throughout each room.  I just use what we have outside most of the  time and it is simple.  I use both faux and real greenery.  During this time of year it includes, Christmas trees, fillers, garland and so much more.  It can be such a big natural impact at such a small cost.

White kitchen table with a black chandelier above it and a lit tree beside the table.

(Sign can be found at Between You and Me Signs – they are still currently offering 15% off when you use the code – ZEVYJOY15)

6.  Fill the Walls.  During the Winter, I like to fill the walls with simple artwork, wreaths and varying decor.  Like shown up above, even though our room is full of windows – I am not aftraid to hang things on them.  To bring the space in a bit and make it cozy.  All in moderation though =)….

Neutral table setting with pottery bowls and a centerpiece made with pine cones.

(Pillow can be found at Bows and Burlap Boutique)

7. Pillows. My very favorite… I use comfy pillows everywhere this time of year.  I love how they make any space welcoming.  I literally put them on chairs, on the floor – some may say I have a pillow problem (I am kidding…)

A knitted gray throw hanging on the back of the kitchen chair.

8. Blankets.  This is a big one and maybe my favorite (along with pillows).  Layer Blankets everywhere you can.  You will be amazed how this transforms a space and displays the perfect amounts of  texture.  Like pillows, I have throws just about everywhere.

Half of these tips are good year round and what I have learned to do when I decorate through the seasons.  I hope this helps you see that decorating doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  You can stick to some simple ideas and use what you have.

Before you leave, I am over at Lucy’s, Craftberry Bush sharing how to make a Snowy Branch DIY that would fit into all the above criteria.  I would love for you to stop by.  Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

Pine cones with a bit of faux snow on them on decorative branches.

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