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DIY Fall Buffalo Check Doormat

Easy DIY Doormat!

DIY Buffalo Check Doormat

How To Make a Buffalo Check Doormat!

These two up above couldn’t help but be a part of this fall project today ;)… This week I was brainstorming how I could make a doormat and make it cute for fall as well. So of course buffalo check came to mind and I got to work! I am joining my sweet friend Ashley at Modern Glam for a blog hop of DIY doormats today and how fun is that?!

Here are the things I used to make this mat and the steps I followed…

  • Multipurpose acrylic paint (I found some that said it was suitable for outdoors as well).
  • Foam brush (I tried others pictured below, but found that this one was the best.
  • Painters tape
  • An outdoor mat
  • Paper plate for paint dipping.
DIY Buffalo Check Doormat

To get things started, I began to layout the tape in the pattern I wanted. This could be any pattern, stripes, plaid, etc…

DIY Buffalo Check Doormat

Once I found my pattern, I pressed the tape into place. Now of course it would be smartest to measure and do things exact… But I just eyeballed it, haha!

DIY Buffalo Check Doormat

Next I began dipping my foam brush in a good amount of paint and pressing it firmly within my taped squares. I looked at some fabric I had on hand to make sure I was placing the colors correctly.

DIY Buffalo Check Doormat

After I got all the squares in place, I pulled the tape off.

DIY Buffalo Check Doormat

You can see here what the pattern looked like so far.

DIY Buffalo Check Doormat

To finish off the buffalo check, I taped off individual squares for the next color.

DIY Buffalo Check Doormat

And that was it! This actually worked better than I thought and came together rather quickly. Now I want to go make a bunch of rugs for each season this year, lol. I hope you enjoyed!

DIY Buffalo Check Doormat

Don’t forget to go and visit these friends below who have some fun ideas for doormats as well! See you tomorrow all… I told you it was going to get busy around here ;!

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