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DIY Bunny Easter Egg

Hello friends, thanks so much for stopping by yesterday as I shared a simple Easter table decorated for the season. Today I wanted to pop back in for a fun and easy Kid’s Easter Egg tutorial. Everly and I spent a rainy afternoon (which seems to be typical most days lately 😉 playing around with these and I just had to share!

Growing up I LOVED to craft. I mean I was all about puffy paints, acrylics/ceramic figurines, ribbon, friendship bracelets and so much more. My grandma was the crafter in our family and on seldom occasion I would head to her place to spend the day making cookies and playing with beads or making dolls. These times were few but they were special. I am certain I got my love for home making and DIY from her and I love that.

It brings me such sweet peace to know that in some ways my kiddos get to know that side of her through my creativity and I love watching how they will carry on that creative side as well…

Now on to these fun little eggs. I was browsing the store and wondered how I could fix up a fun version of an egg and then it hit me! Little bunnies! But even better I would create a little scene with all his spring time friends.

This project was really simple and takes some basic skills – I wanted the eggs to resemble the cute little critters but not be too detailed.

Here is what you will need…

  • Faux Easter eggs
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue for kid friendly version or glue gun/glue stick (adult only and practice safety when using as these get hot).
  • Yellow, orange, pink paint/paintbrush
  • Yarn
  • White puff balls, and some felt cut in the shape of bunny ears
  • Brown craft paper gift basket filler

And here is how you will assemble the different friends:

  • For the chick: paint the egg yellow and give it a small orange painted beak. Then set inside a little nest of basket filler.
  • For the bunny: glue the puff ball on back for tail and glue on two little ears on the sides. I layered a couple colors for more detailing. Also paint a pink nose on at the end.
  • For the lamb: apply glue and curl some small pieces of yarn rolled up or knotted to create the effect of wool. I attached a few pieces of string total.

And there you have it! Simple and super cute – a craft the whole family can really enjoy =)!

She was pretty smitten with her little friends…

I hope you enjoyed this today and let me know if you try it out!

I will be back next week with another craft project I can’t wait to share…

And speaking of painting, I am flattered to be sharing my favorite paint colors over at Shauna’s Satori Design For Living today- I would love for you to come and stop by! It is a fun series she has over on her blog and a few other bloggers are talking about their favs as well!

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  1. Oh Annie, these are too cute! They remind me of having an “egg baby” in 6th grade, ha! But these are oh soooo adorable! What a cute mom you are! xoxo

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