Plans For Our Home And Refreshes For 2019

Now that Christmas is packed away and I have had a little more time on my hands… I have been thinking about ideas and projects that I would like to take on for the year. While I do not think it is necessary to do this every year or that there is no need to change things all the time, I have specific reasons I enjoy doing this. One, this is part of my job to design, create and I am passionate about it, so it would be a lie to say I don’t dream up ideas all the time, haha. Secondly, some of our furniture is nearly a decade old and needs replacing. Lastly, I have been craving change as my tastes have evolved a little bit over the last couple years. I have been slowly transitioning things and making it all work together until I can continue to change other things out.

With all that being said, I hope that above all you know it is not necessary to have a New Year’s plan for your house. But if you do something similar I find that this helps me keep myself on track with budgets. I know what we have within our means or energy to take on and what we just don’t. So for example, this year we are not planning on taking on any big build projects. Just making some changes with paint, pillows, curtains and more.

I wanted to give you an idea of how I work through this process and show you how you can too if you are interested! I simply took pictures of each space and then wrote notes on top of the photos to help keep me focused on the ideas I had in mind. Please note there was no fluffing or major cleaning in these photos ;)… I wanted to keep it simple and how I truly do it. I am sure any simple photo/drawing app would work for this, but I personally used Photoshop.

So here we go! This room is the first room you see in our house, the formal living room.

Plans for Our Home This Year

As you can see, in this room I would like to remove or cover our popcorn ceilings. But as far as decor goes, I just plan to get a larger plant for the corner, a small plant for the mantel and change out the pillows a bit. That is it! Other than that I just want to enjoy this room, it doesn’t need much right now (imho)…

Next up is our DIY hall closet.

We have kinda thrown this space together last year and it could use a little more love, haha. So I will paint the interior and clean it up. The hook bar needs paining and I want to replace the shoe bins with more rattan ones as they just hold up better. Peel and stick wall paper would be super cute in here as well, I just haven’t totally decided ;)… Again this space just needs a few things but not a complete overall.

Further down the hall is my son’s room. The only thing I plan to add to his room is some new bedding.

Other than that, it just needs a lot of decluttering…

And a then a little more decluttering… haha! Honestly, I love to lay the foundation for my kiddos’ spaces, but I don’t like to take over. They so enjoy placing out their trinkets and making it theirs, so I don’t like to intrude on that too much.

Right next to my son’s room is my daughter’s. Same as his, I don’t plan on adding anything more than some new bedding as well. I may change out her curtains for something a little more fun as these are getting a bit dingy.

I am going to remove her chandelier as it is just a little too full in here now with her dream doll house, lol! And because of that doll house that she loves so much, I am also hoping to add a bit more color to the space to tie it all in together.

Further down the hall you will find our kitchen which just went under a big renovation that I can’t wait to share with you in the next week or so! Until then, we will skip over to the dining room.

This sunroom will probably be seeing the most changes this year. I have been really wanting a round table for a long time and I think this year is the year! I also want to trade out the chairs for something in unison. I still really love the wishbone style so I may just add some more. And a more streamlined chandelier may find it’s way into here. Our house was built mid-century style so I might just be honoring some of that more and more with my decor… We will see ;).

And lastly, there is our family room on the other side of the sunroom…

I already have started in here a little bit… I traded out the pillows for some new ones you can see above. I will be putting in some new greenery and am really hoping to trade out the curtains in here for something darker! I am feeling drawn to the earthy colors right now with pops of black and that is what you will most likely see as I make these changes. I am pretty excited to have fun with it all!

There you have it and thanks for visiting with me while I share some of my thoughts around the house… I appreciate you all!

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  1. you will enjoy the round table. I still have the table that was in the family home. I am looking forward to you removing the popcorn ceiling. I have that in the upstairs bedrooms and would really like it removed. I’m looking forward to all of your updates. Have fun and enjoy them.

  2. Gosh you are brilliant! What a great idea to make design change notes right on the photo! When you are out and see something that catches your eye, you have the photo on your phone to help visualize how it works in the space!

  3. Popcorn removal or covering is on my list! Live the idea to make plans and ideas so it can stay on budget and keep you focused. Gonna try this and make my design boards too. Live all your spaces! You are So talented

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