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DIY Asymmetrical Christmas Wreath

A Beautiful DIY Asymmetrical Christmas Wreath!

How To Make An DIY Asymmetrical Christmas Wreath!

I have got another easy repurposed project for you today! It is so elegant but quite the easy DIY… I am sharing how to make an asymmetrical Christmas wreath. This is especially great because you can use a wreath you may already have on hand. I am joining Ashley from Modern Glam, Janine from Happy Happy Nester and Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home as we show how to make some pretty wreaths for the Christmas season.

All you need is a wreath with greenery, a several evergreen stems and wire…

To start, take your first evergreen stem and push it into the side of the wreath inserting it securely… You can use wire to keep this in place.

DIY Asymmetrical Christmas Wreath

Now take a second stem and move down the side a bit doing the same thing. Repeating the first step all over again.

DIY Asymmetrical Christmas Wreath

Lastly, take your third stem and insert in toward the middle.

DIY Asymmetrical Christmas Wreath

This gives your wreath some really pretty fullness and an asymmetrical shape!

DIY Asymmetrical Christmas Wreath

I added some berries as that is something I am enjoying doing this year for my decor.

DIY Asymmetrical Christmas Wreath

Such a simple yet pretty way to display a wreath!

DIY Asymmetrical Christmas Wreath

I always love a good project that can look amazing but come together in less than 15 minutes.

DIY Asymmetrical Christmas Wreath

Well I am working hard over here at home painting cabinets and fireplaces, I look forward to sharing some updates with you soon!

I hope you let me know if you get the chance to make one of these DIY asymmetrical wreaths too! In the mean time, please make sure to check out my friends beautiful wreath projects down below!

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