How To Make A Floral Pumpkin

I will show you how to make a beautiful floral pumpkin arrangement!

Pumpkin on counter with red flowers and greenery.

Hey all, I feel like these past couple weeks have been a little quiet of a season here before the busiest season of all! Some days I think I should be doing more and checking more off my list, but then I remember that it is ok to enjoy the calm and allow myself to recoup for all the holiday festivities on the way ;). All that being said, last week I shared this fun floral pumpkin on Instagram with some other friends who shared their pumpkin decor. As I put this small fall project together, I kept track of the process so that today I could share how to make a floral pumpkin too!

You will need a pumpkin (faux would be fine too), a pumpkin carving knife, smaller vase (that will fit inside pumpkin), florals and twist ties.

Here is how you will make this festive pumpkin creation (mind you, I am certain I am not the first to use this method, nor do I think I invented it)


Pumpkin carved out with lid on top removed and clear vase inside.

  • Carve the top of the pumpkin lid off (I traced around the size of my square vase so that it would fit inside).
  • Scoop the seeds out of your pumpkin.
  • Place your small vase with water inside the pumpkin so that it sits as flat as possible.

Green leaves in carved out pumpkin.

  • Fill some low hanging foliage along the bottom and into the vase.

Orange pumpkin on counter beside white one with green leaves in it.

  • Now start building height in the arrangement. I wanted this to look like one of  those fun angled/organic looking floral creations, so I had a bunch gathered together and angled from the top.

Adding more greenery to the arrangement to create height.

  • Keep filling in the height with assorted greens. This is where I used the twist tie to help keep things shaped or standing the way I wanted them. I tied them together and they were stronger for it.

Putting in dark red carnation flowers to the arrangement.

  • Lastly, fill in with flowers and shorter pieces. It’s never too late to stuff something in there and play around with it! In my opinion, sometimes the messier the better…

Adding some small purple flowers to the arrangement as well.

I found flowers and varieties that I don’t always use and I had fun trying out new things with this arrangement. I find that some of the specialty grocery stores have some unique affordable options!

Floral pumpkin arrangement on wooden table with wooden chandelier overhead.

I hope you found this helpful and maybe you will try it out with the upcoming season.

Small red berries added to arrangement.

In fact, this is a peek at how I arranged flowers for a little holiday spread I’ll be sharing next week!

Brass candles on either side of the centerpiece.

And because candlelight/fall go hand in hand to me ;)…

Soft glow of the candles beside the pumpkin arrangement.

I’ll leave you with this soft glow ambience to complete the post.  Check out my fall entertaining post for more great tips! Easy Fall Entertaining Thanks for stopping by friends!

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