Cutting Boards and Wooden Trays

Here is a simple DIY version of cutting boards and wooden trays!

An open shelving unit with cups, cutting boards, a French press and little plants.

I really enjoy cutting boards or wood trays scattered throughout the kitchen. I love the texture and warmth they add, the character through their worn nature and variety of shapes. I have lucked out finding a few while thrifting or antiquing. This ukalele one on the right may be my very favorite. I found it while shopping locally with my dear friend Ashley at House of Five last year.

A wooden Zevy Joy wooden cutting board.

This engraved wooden version is also a unique addition to our counters (by Our Board Boutique)

A white counter with a white lamp, glasses and a plant in a silver container.

You may remember this exquisite larger one from the One Room Spring Tour here.

A pineapple wooden cutting board.

I have also seen some fun painted, marbled and metal varieties of wooden trays and boards a lot lately. So, of course I had to try it myself =). This is a great way to add some decorative detail to your decor by keeping it simple and pretty at the same time.

A Simple Painted DIY Version graphic.

You will need – Acrylic paint (I used metallic), a wooden board or tray, masking tape and paint brush.

Here is the easy tutorial… (I mean this was really easy – ha!)

A wooden cutting board on the counter.

Take your cutting board or wood tray (this one was randomly sitting around our house and was stained so it was perfect for testing out). Then use some masking tape to make a border for where you will paint.

Wooden cutting board with masking tape.

Now take your acrylic paint and paint up until you hit the masking tape. You may notice the cute little swirling strokes created here by someone who joined in on the fun ;).

I did about three coats to make sure there was good coverage.

Let it dry and then use decoratively. Note – this is NOT food safe and should only be used for decoration.

Little posts of green plants on the counter.

I recently bought this small pineapple tray (along with a larger version) when I was second hand shopping and I happen to think it would also look fantastic painted!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY and that if you come across a board or tray it will inspire you to get a little paint out. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you at The Inspiration Gallery tonight!

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  1. Very cute ideas. I agree I think the chopping boards are a great way to add warmth to a kitchen especially if like mine it it mostly white. I used baskets as well just to add a little coziness. I’m going through your list of tutorials and really enjoying them. Thank you so much for all the inspiration. I’m off to get more chopping boards out.Cheers. Marie:-)

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