DIY Post – Simple Foil Garland

This DIY post simple foil garland is very easy to make with everyday household items!

A metal head of a bull with a green wreath around it and a foil garland.
I absolutely love this festive time of year and have been collecting decorations over the last ten years. Since we have a set budget for decor the only way I can continue to add to my collection is by making it. I have been having so much fun trying out different garlands. You may remember the pom garland tutorial from last month here and today I am sharing a tinsel (or aluminum foil) garland.
Here is what you will need…
– a large sheet of aluminum foil
– twine or embroidery thread
– wet glue (the craft kind is perfect!)

To make this garland you will need to start cutting 1 1/2 inch circles (I folded the aluminum sheet over several times so I could cut more than once). For my Garland I cut about 200 circles.
Little circles of foil on the counter.
Once you have your circles cut begin placing a small dot of glue on a circle and sandwich the twine/thread in between 2 circles.

Gluing the circle foils onto the string.
You will continue to glue circles about 3 inches apart until you have reached the desire length of your Garland. It should look like the picture below.

The string with circle foils glued on it on the counter.
This Christmas garland is a nice way to start decorating areas in your home if you are not ready to start Christmas decorating yet. It can be used on mirrors, mantels, wreaths, shelves, trees, etc… I hope you enjoy trying this out and once again thanks for stopping by!

The foil garland on the cow head around the green wreath.

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