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The Velveteen Rabbit and a New Sign


The beauty of the Velveteen Rabbit has captured my heart ever since I was a little girl. To have this quote sitting in our home is such an important reminder for all those who see it, no matter their age. I love knowing that these intentional, yet sweet words are here daily for our family to read.


As a former teacher and a mother, this message pulls at my heart strings… How valuable it is to be vunerable and to accept one another’s imperfections.  To understand to “become” we must be REAL and therefore we are beautiful. When we can do this, then we can truly be loved. Learning to overcome the pressure to be like someone else and instead be ourselves. It is such a pivotal piece in the act of loving one another.  I treasure this magical message about the beauty within, loving yourself, others and who you truly are…


I have had my eye on this lovely and well crafted sign from Between You and Me Designs.  I couldn’t be more excited to now have it in our home! Tara and Andy (the faces behind this fantastic company) have a large collection of signs and I hope you will go and take a look.  They are generously offering you 15% off – just use the code ZEVYJOY15.


Thanks for taking the time to stop by today. Hope the rest of your week is wonderful friends.



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