I Have Some Fun News and So Much To Share With You!

An Update On What Is New With Our Family!

Hello again sweet friends! I have been very quiet over here lately and have really missed sharing with you all regularly. Quite a bit has been happening these last months as we made our big move from Washington to California. I wanted to share the latest and some fun news with you though…

A Quick Recap: As you know we sold our home a year ago and have been in a transition for this last 12 months. Here is a quick recap of it all… We sold our home last August, continued to save as we moved to and lived in the basement of of my husband’s sweet grandfather. From there we made plans to head to California (near some of our family) and live in an AirBnB while we ironed out details for our new chapter in the Golden State. All during that time, my husband landed his wonderful new job and we began house hunting. As you can imagine this was actually a pretty stressful event as buying a home right now isn’t necessarily easy!

Exciting News: But our prayers were answered and we were given the opportunity to own the most special home for us! We are currently in escrow now and set to get the keys on Tuesday… I am still pinching myself as I write this!

So you can imagine our excitement as this will be so sweet to have a home of our own again. I am over the moon to have the chance to share this journey with you here on the blog too. We are making this our Coastal/Ranch home as it is 15 minutes from the coast but ranch style in building design…

Furniture Haul: Let me start with some of the things I have been doing to prep for our move… We sold quite a bit of our furniture at our last home. We did this because we really weren’t sure what our furniture needs would be at the next house. We also knew it would be a year before we owned a home again and really didn’t want to pay for storing it all for that long. So these last couple months I have been shopping FB Marketplace and have been buying new pieces for our home. I plan to nearly furnish the entire house this way and am almost done with getting what we need! This includes, 2 dining tables (one not pictured), dining chairs, sofa sectional, 2 sofas, 2 arm chairs, loft for Z’s room, bed frame for Evy’s room, ottoman, counter stools, hallway table, and some side tables. Haha, when I write that out it is quite the list! Here is a peek of it all, but I will do a separate post soon with more details (sharing the cost breakdown too). It has been so much fun to do it this way and believe it or not… All of this has cost less than buying a nice new sofa!!! I am going to give the dining chairs a makeover and may paint a couple of these pieces as well. I want to get it all in the house before I start making too many early decisions.

Stay Tuned…! I have so many things to share with you as we make this house our home, so make sure to check out the blog regularly as I will be returning with lots of projects, designs and decorating. I will also continue to participate in hops throughout the holidays (one of my favorite things to do here). And on top of all of that, these last 6 months, I have begun my design business! I will be accepting new clients in September and sharing all about my services here soon!!!

I appreciate you all, your support and encouragement over all these years… I am grateful to get to do this again and show you the process! Thank you for being here and visiting with me!

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  1. I like all the furniture items you’ve purchased. Congratulations on your new house and good luck with all the upcoming projects. I look forward to reading about them.

  2. Can you tell us where your new home is located? I live in Palm Springs (definitely not coastal!). Welcome to California!

  3. WOW~ Congratulations, I bet your head is Spinning with Excitement and Anticipation! You found some wonderful additions to your New Home. ~ENJOY THE JOURNEY!

  4. So happy and excited for you. I can’t wait to see what you do to make this house your home.

  5. I can’t wait to see your new house and all that you’ll be doing there!
    Congrats to you and your family!

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