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Family Room Refresh and Some Organizing Tips

The Company Store sponsored this post.

Hello sweet friends! I have been slowly decluttering, organizing and refreshing throughout our home this past month. Last time on the blog, I shared our formal living room and today I have partnered with The Company Store to share our Family Room. I am excited to show you a few simple updates and how we organize the necessities in this space. 

As I have said before, this year we are not taking on any huge projects, but choosing to update select furnishings and some décor here and there. In fact, we are choosing to scale back and simplify the design of our home so we can focus on the most important things and time with each other. I really had a craving for that this year and it has felt so good to start doing so. 

You may notice the biggest change in here is the new Linen Window Panels from The Company Store. I went with the color Natural that is a bit darker than our linen chairs, which gives some nice contrast between the two. This was a fun way to change up the look of the room, but didn’t require painting or construction. 

Family Room Refresh for the New Year 1

I love the little bit of luxury that linen brings to any space. It is elegant, but not stuffy, as it gets better with wrinkles and time (imho ;). See what I mean with that natural linen fringed throw pictured above?!

Family Room Refresh for the New Year 1

 That same throw in gray is seen here on our chair. These throws are amazing because they are versatile all year long and provide lightweight comfort. And of course any space is easily updated with pillows! I say this all the time, but pillows are my very favorite way to change up the look of a room!

Family Room Refresh for the New Year 1

I chose to sprinkle an assortment of their linen pillow covers around the sofa as well as a couple of their Studio Home Textured Stonewashed Pillow Covers

Family Room Refresh for the New Year 1

Adnd this gorgeous neutral alpaca striped throw is a dream on these cool nights! Honestly, all this snow was not what I had envisioned as part of our family room refresh this week, but it came and it is so beautiful… My kids had a couple days of from school and their joy in the fluffy white snow made the whole experience that much more magical. 

Family Room Refresh for the New Year 1

Now onto the organizing part of this space! Family rooms have different functions… Ours is where we watch tv, play with toys, games etc… Tucking that all away can get tricky, so I am going to show you how we get creative with some of those things. 

Our television actually sits there on top of the fireplace tucked behind the mirror with those folding doors. 

Family Room Refresh for the New Year 1

This allows us to pull it out when we want, but ignore it when it isn’t in use. To this day, this is one my favorite DIY’s. 

Family Room Refresh for the New Year 1

You will also see that I have lots of baskets placed around this room. By doing so, we are able to put remotes, cords and anything small that needs a place for storing. Again, this makes things accessible, but not obviously out in the open. 

Family Room Refresh for the New Year 1

And similar to baskets, picking some furniture that has storage has been a great tool for us throughout the years. These cubes hold cars, ponies and the smaller toys that my kiddos like to pull out and play with daily. 

Before I go, I did want to share a peek at the other side of the sunroom. We also added linen panels here too and I am enjoying them so!

Family Room Refresh for the New Year 1

This room gets so much light and the sun gleaming through linen is soft and special…

Family Room Refresh for the New Year 1

I hope you found this helpful as you may be refreshing or updating your spaces too this year. As always everything is a work in progress, but I find those times the most exciting. As you plan up your spaces, figure out what works best and see it come all together. I appreciate you visiting today and I look forward to sharing more with you next week! 

Family Room Refresh for the New Year 1

A big thank you to The Company Store for sponsoring this post!

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    1. Hi Stacey! It is from West Elm, I don’t think they carry this particular one anymore, but they do have some similar ones!

  1. Looks wonderful! May I make a constructive suggestion? Go back and link your DIY on your mantle/tv hiding post – lots of us may have missed it.

    Also – have you thought about adding a shop my house with links to some of your fabulous finds – such as the basket with your tree in it in your dining area corner, and your fabulous chandy?

    Thanks for the inspiration – love love love your linen drapes!!!

    1. Michele, those are great suggestions and I always appreciate constructive suggestions! I am glad you like them and I appreciate you stopping by,thank you!

    1. Melissa, thanks so much and I am glad you like them! They are actually chairs from Ikea that I slipcovered with their curtains.

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