Family Room vs. Living Room


Sometimes I find myself using or saying a word incorrectly. Of course it is unintentional and it can also be confusing =).  I recently started thinking about the descriptions of family room and living room.  I have thought that I understood what each meant, but in truth – I think I may have been wrong all this time later.  Frankly, I am not sure I still have it right, ha!


From what I gather, you can differentiate the two when a home has more than one space.  From there, a living room is one that is fancier, used less and for hosting company.


(Weathered Wood Wall – Stikwood)

It may even be decorated with valuables or collectables like art shown above (by Wellbrock Art).


A Family Room on the other hand, is a room that is used more on a regular basis, casually and for reasons outside of entertaining company.


According to these descriptions, I have been calling ours the wrong names…


Up above here is our more casual family space (it is also in the back of our home which is another distinguishing feature), shown with unfluffed pillows and very lived in.

The newly updated room (update details here) is actually our living room.  I never would have thought, and again, I am not sure that I am correct still (but this does seem to make sense).

I would love to hear what you think and maybe I am not the only one who has been confused.

Thanks so much for stopping by friends and till next time!

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  1. I think you are absolutely correct with your (new) understanding of the difference between a living room and a family room. I personally have never lived in a home that had both spaces so I’ve always called my space the living room… there is no separate family room.


    1. Tania thank you for sharing! I realized I do these with all kinds of terms – jackets/coats, etc… lol. I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. That was my understanding of the way to define the term living room and family room. Although my mother always called the more formal room at the front of the house the “front room.” As in “Don’t play in the front room.” 😉

  3. Think of the Family Room as the space where you spend the most time together as a family, usually where the TV is…..thus the name. Living room (front room) is usually the more formal room, used more when entertaining guests you are not as casual with. I sure understand the confusion, but you have it right now. Personally,I know friends who made the “living room” into the “Family room” because of space and turned the FR into a “reading room”. A home should be made to work with your needs and desires, not the other way around. Your home is lovely, you have wonderful taste.

    1. Toni that makes total sense and I absolutely agree. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and share, I always appreciate it and for your compliment! Hope you will stop by again~

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