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Our Christmas Family Room and Tree

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

Hello friends and welcome today as I have the total delight to share our home as Christmas finds its way here. I am joining Kristen (our host) from Ella Claire and so many wonderful friends as well for the Seasons of Home Holiday Decor Series. Today is all about Christmas trees/family rooms and this just happens to be my favorite room to share during the season! It is the one we spend the most time in and is the most special to us during Christmas…

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

Last season I made a decision that this year I would do things more simply. And yes while I may have had a few trees to decorate ;), I did stick to my plan, haha. The most extravagant part of the decor may be the amount of ornaments I used. I think I may have put up every metallic ornament I owned (with some new ones as well) this time. But we are really enjoying it!

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

I took a couple strands of faux garland and hung them on the mantel with a special string of bells my mom bought me this year when we went on a local vacation as a family.

To make things a bit more glitzy, I added extra plastic c-9 lights to my trees. I like to mix and match everything when it comes to decor anytime of year ;)…

Along with simplicity, I really wanted my kids to be a bigger part of the process with the tree too. They are always so sweet and love whatever we put up, but my mama heart was craving special, meaningful ornaments they could look forward to each year. I have those memories in my youth and I want that for my kids too. And while we do have some that were given to us in the past, I wanted to personally hand pick some out with them in mind. So I stuck with the natural/metallic theme but went with some whimsy when picking things out!

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

We just saw the Velveteen Rabbit, so of course I grabbed this one for us to enjoy. I found gold dinosaurs, silver candy canes, glitter elephants and more!

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

When they saw what we had to work with, their eyes lit up with joy. They immediately started playing with the ornaments and making memories with them. I can still remember sitting by the fire as a little girl and doing the same thing with our family ornaments. Please note, I think there is not a right or wrong way to decorate and all trees are so beautiful, this was just the direction I wanted to go.

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

Of course, stockings are hung by the fire…

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

With more sweet details of gold ;)…

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

I think Wesley and Wyatt are enjoying themselves just fine too ;).

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

Usually our Christmas tree sits here by our french doors. But this year I chose to do two trees in the sunroom (one seen today and one in the dining room that I will be sharing next week). In its place, I hung a couple magnolia wreaths with bells.

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

Again, I am loving the plain statement they make…

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

Green was my go to color this Christmas, so I threw a couple deep emerald cushions on the sofa.

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

And basic greens atop a layering of metal trays (everything ties together with those metals).

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

I even kept the rich auburn pillows I had from fall, as I wasn’t ready to part with them for the year quite yet.

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

It really is beginning to fell a lot like Christmas…

Our Christmas Tree and Family Room 30

And this right here is a scene that makes my heart smile… Fire going, Christmas bingo, sparkly tree and most of all my babes. Tis the season you all. I hope yours is beautiful and please make sure to go visit these amazing friends down below. I can’t express more to you, my gratitude for the opportunity to share with you. It is something I will never stop pinching myself at the chance to do.

In this season of thanks, I am truly thankful for you all.

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    1. Hi Erin, thank you so much! It is fake and it is listed on my shop page too (it is from Terrain online). I appreciate you stopping by!

  1. Your Christmas decor is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us. I especially like your fireplace. Is it gas or an electric insert? It fits your decor beautifully.

    1. Susan thank you very much! It is actually electric as we do not have gas hookups here at our home, so we made it work ;). I appreciate that all and hope you have a wonderful holiday season ahead!

  2. Aww…my favorite Christmas family room yet! Your decor is so “real” and quite cozy. As a busy mom of 4, my treat is seeing one of your posts. Enjoy the holidays with your sweet family!

    1. Heather what a compliment, thank you SO much! I am honored you take the time to visit here, I appreciate it! I hope you enjoy the holidays with your sweet family as well! Thank you…

  3. Beautifully & Tastefully done as well homey and festive. ! Who could ask for more?

    Can you hare what type of tee yours is or where you got it. I’m in market for a tree like yours and can’t find one. 🙁

    Happy Holidays to you and your family from ours.

    1. Hi Karen, thanks so much I really appreciate that! We got ours from Terrain and I am really happy with it. We bought them personally and I wanted one with the Noble Fir look to it. I hope that helps! Happiest of Holidays to your and yours as well!

  4. Hi Anne. I love,love love you home. Top job done. Please let me know where you got your printed emerrald green cushion from. Love the color.

    1. Hi Olivia, thanks so much I appreciate that! That pillow is from Crate and Barell and even better it was on clearance! Thank you for stopping by!

  5. So gorgeous Annie! I especially love the garlands on your mantle and all of the pretty metallics. So inspired by you! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂

  6. Hi! I stopped by and don’t want to leave this beautiful home! I’m always impressed your children are playing and working together. May I ask where you purchased your beautiful mirror on the mantle?

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