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Our Dining Room Update – Simply My Favorite

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Dining Room Update - Simply My Favorite

Alright friends, this is a room that I have been counting down till I could share with you! And today is the day! We recently made some updates to this dining room and I couldn’t be more excited!

The goal was to keep the space simple and fresh, and most importantly a spot we could gather as a family and enjoy our meals with each other.

Dining Room Update - Simply My Favorite

For that reason specifically, I chose this Handmade Turned Pedestal Mango Wood Table. I just love it so much as I have been dreaming of a round table for a long time. Growing up, one of my best friend’s, (Amanda) family had a round dining table… I use to think it was the best how we could gather around and all see one another easily. Isn’t that funny how those things make impressions on us at early ages and guide our decisions in our homes as we get older?!

Dining Room Update - Simply My Favorite

It is a large table (60 inches to be exact) and can fit 6 people around it easily.

Dining Room Update - Simply My Favorite

Here is a closer look at the pedestal base… And the color is a smoky mango which is stunning!

Dining Room Update - Simply My Favorite

Then in keeping in line with the Mid-Century style of how our home was truly built back in the 60’s, I chose to add these ivory Mod Made Mid Century Modern “W” Wood Dining Side Chairs with Hemp Seats. I had a couple similar ones that were black before and they really are comfortable!

Dining Room Update - Simply My Favorite

They still have that light bright vibe, being that they are ivory, so they are just the right fit for my neutral loving heart…

Dining Room Update - Simply My Favorite

Because I wanted to keep this space simple and let the dining set be the focal point of the room I also chose this Maine Collection Chandelier in Black Finish. The black brings a nice pop to the lighter colors and flows with the black accents in our kitchen…

Dining Room Update - Simply My Favorite

To say we are enjoying it all put together is an understatement!

Dining Room Update - Simply My Favorite

Flowers are the only real “accessory” I put in here and they are all that was needed. Flowers are such special way to make any spot more enchanting…

Dining Room Update - Simply My Favorite

Like I said at the beginning, the intent of changing the dining room up was to create a space centered around gathering. A more simplified approach to decorating… We were able to freshen up the space with a minimalistic point of view, allowing our loved ones to be the center of design.

Dining Room Update - Simply My Favorite

And quite simply, it is my favorite, I treasure family dinners and this means a lot to us all here. I hope you enjoyed seeing our changes and maybe found some inspiration for some of your homes as well!

A big thank you to our sponsor, Overstock.com for this post! They are also having a Presidents’ Day that you don’t want to miss…!

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  1. Hi! I love your new table and chandelier, they look great! The chairs are pretty too, just not my style. That chandelier is perfect for over your table. Perfect size, balance etc… I see too many people putting lights that are so out of proportion over their tables! I guess Mango is the new sustainable wood now because I see it popping up in all kinds of furniture. I personally love it and if it helps save a few of our native born trees, I’m all for it! Have a great week!

    1. Sheila, thanks so much and I am glad you like the light too! I appreciate you stopping by and I hope that you have a great week too!

  2. I bought a round table for the same reasons. It makes for better conversation and togetherness. I love it!
    Your dining room is simple and fresh looking. Family is all about good food and animated conversation.

  3. I love that table so much! One of the biggest décor regrets I have is giving our round table away years ago and replacing it with a rectangular one. I didn’t like the color of the wood but painting it wasn’t even a consideration. I could have saved so much money and space! What was I thinking????

    1. Cindy I am so happy to hear you like it too, thank you very much! I have done that many times with pieces as well and totally understand! We did love our rectangular one for so long (the last ten + years), but it sure is fun to make a change every once in a while. Thank you for coming and visiting, have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Ashley hey friend! Hope your new year has been off to a good start and thanks so much! haha I love that they are singing ;)… xo!

  4. Hi!!! Love this look!! I have 3 boys 5 and under,…wondering how hard the seat of those chairs are to clean!!? Do crumbs ect get stuck in them easily!? Ha real life questions!

    1. Christy thank you! And that is a great question… I have had these seats in the past too and they usually have done pretty well for clean up, but in truth we never had any major accidents on them, by some miracle… lol. But I do plan to have a couple seat cushions to throw on for the ones that the kids use. I find that this stands as a buffer for any big spills and are easy to throw on and off as needed. I was even eyeing some that looked like faux fur that may bring an eclectic vibe to the area… Hope that helps!

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