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Our DIY Kitchen Progress


Today I am sharing some of our kitchen progress… We are so close yet still have quite a bit to do.  In my last kitchen post I talked about our decision process for materials all while staying on a budget. As you will see from the picture we went with honed Carrera Marble but in the form of large tiles.  By doing this we were able to have counters in our budget range and use something quality all the same.  For our backspash we used individual ceramic tiles that cost less than $100 for the entire surface.  I couldn’t be happier with how it looks and am exctited to share more as we finish.  We are having some structural and grout issues that need correcting which involves another weekend of fixing it…


The truth behind DIY is that sometimes it takes time and work.  It is a wonderful way to save money and like in our case can have some major hiccups.  I wanted to be transparent with this project and make sure you see how easy it is to stage a pretty picture but sometimes it isn’t always pretty in the process of getting there.  Like most of my projects, it makes me think about my life in many ways.  The path to today hasn’t always been pretty, in fact it has been messy at times, frusterating, and left me in tears thinking I made a mistake.  But the most wonderful thing about it all is to be encouraged to keep going, not give up and know that it is process that makes it valuable.  There are solutions in the feelings of being lost and to have some faith.  Was it worth all this work to make a kitchen we enjoy – absolutely.  DIY’s can be easy or they can be hard and sometimes they don’t turn out.  Truthfully, that is part of the fun and it doesn’t always have to work.  We have another week ahead on this sweet kitchen of ours and I will share as we go along.  We couldn’t have done this project either without the hardwork and help of my sweet Father in Law (a big thank you to him)! I plan to give more specific details on how we used our materials as we finish.


I am over at Lucy’s Craftberry Bush today sharing a Linen Runner DIY and some thoughts behind the heart of hosting.  I would love for you to stop by and check it out! Thanks so much for visiting here today ~

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  1. I felt like your writing is saying exactly what my soul needs to hear right now. The past few months (ok, maybe years) have been filled with lots of those frustrating, lost, tearful moments and there are times when something is put right in front of me to keep going. Thanks for the beautifully written sentiment. Loving how your kitchen is turning out, too!

    1. Jamie, thank you sweet friend and can’t tell you how much I appreciate that or have felt those same feeling myself. I am always encouraged by your sweet words as well. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Just found you!! Glad I did 🙂
    Sigh… I needed this post just now. Looong story, put house up for sale… house sold in 24 hrs. Had to find house quick. Grabbed one in process of being built. Tweaked some stuff to make it ‘us’ . Plan … build , sell, move in a year. NOPE!! Market crashed. Stuck as market flooded with homes. So, 2 yrs ago we decided to change gears and luv the house we are in. So, making it OURS now. Slow and steady!
    Luv your kitchen!!
    Cheers. Gee

    1. Gee, thank you so much for the sweet words and I completely get where you are coming from! It sure is slow and steady for us too but the process is sweet. I love that you stopped by and hope you will continue to visit. Looking forward to sharing some more after this weeks progress~

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