Frosted Pumpkin Doughnuts

This easy to make frosted pumpkin doughnuts recipe is delicious and a great alternative to cupcakes!

Doughnut covered in white frosting to look like a pumpkin.
I have been trying out different baked doughnut recipes and this one is a keeper! The recipe for the doughnut is actually a banana recipe ( I omitted the chocolate chips). You can find it here on Get Me Cooking.
If eating this normally, I would probably just drizzle a bit of  sweet honey over them. Since I thought it may be fun to decorate the cake – like doughnuts to fit the festivities of this time of year, I added some frosting and edible sprinkles. Plus it gives cupcakes a break from the spotlight! Of course this would be for a special occasion but they sure do look cute!

The Doughnut Decorations

I used Glorious Treats‘ recipe for cream cheese frosting. To decorate I just used a star tip to draw lines down the ring shape and then used a pointed tip for the leaves. To top it off I used a sliced almond for the stem and some edible sprinkles! Hope you enjoy and maybe even try them out!Plain baked doughnuts.

Putting the white frosting on the doughnuts and a green stem.

Silver sprinkles in a glass bowl.

The frosted doughnut on the counter with the silver sprinkles beside it.

The silver sprinkles on top of the frosted doughnut.

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