Hey you all! Glad to have you today! We recently found a way to safely have a fire on our patio using a portable little propane fired insert. My hubby figured out all the logistics and maybe I will share the details soon… Let’s just say he is really good at the science and mathematical side of things while I just stare back at him and scratch my head. He says it’s good to go so we sure have been enjoying it. While outside last night, I quickly took some pictures around our yard, or should I say the great outdoors ;). I don’t show many photos of some of these outdoor spaces and even though there is so much to be done I thought it may be fun to share with you!

One of the reasons we bought this house is because of it’s sunroom and the property. It is nestled in privately amongst mature trees and lots of greenery. So while it is not very big… it does have some charm that we have grown to love.

Such as the blooms that appear and surprise me each year, I tend to forget what comes up each spring or summer and am always excited by the abundant greeneries’ return. Or the blackberries that line our property and we enjoy each August when they are perfect and sweet! Here they are just at the beginning…

We have lots of little nooks within the yard that allow for secret paths and lots of exploring. Last year we put up this modest trellis/arbor and are intending to plant something that will grow up and around it.

We have finally begun to cut away a path down inside too.

In the front of our home I have spent the past couple years planting rosemary, lavender, hydrangea and assorted bushes out there. Most are holding up pretty well. Please don’t pay attention to the lovely weeds (they are on my “to do” agenda this week, lol).

None of this is happening over night or even over a year but it is happening with lots of love and lots of work. The kids are getting old enough to help out too and it has been so wonderful to enjoy together.

After all the years of living here, we finally had the exterior painted (our door was just given a coat today). I love how bright and fresh the exterior feels now! Our home is truly a midcentury modern with a lot of character. To carry out its’ style we are on the look out for a glass door and plan to paint it a fun bright color. Stay tuned.

Speaking of staying tuned, here is what we have been spending some of our time on lately. You have already seen our pop – up camper here but we have put a little more love into this year and I can’t wait to show you!

If it all goes to plan, I may even being showing this modest vacation home on wheels later this week ;).  And then are many adventures and memories to be had in this sweet little ride!

Thanks so much for visiting with me friends!

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5 Responses to Our Great Outdoors And A Little Adventure to Come…

  1. kim says:

    Beautiful yard! Love the privacy & lush greenery. your outdoor patio is so pretty! can’t wait to see your vacay home on wheels! xx

  2. Dianne Lanier says:

    You have a lovely property. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!!

  3. Christiane Lavoie says:

    Lovely yard!

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