Valentine String Art


My friend and I recently had a family craft night where we made some string art.  It was so much fun, the hubbies took care of the kiddos and made the dinner while we got to chat and do a craft! We will definately need to do it again sometime…


She had this beautiful rustic wood that she planned on using and included me in the fun.  We decided to give the nail/string art a try. With Valentine’s Day this month we thought it perfect to make a heart.


This is how we made them and you can too! I didn’t photograph during the process so I am putting this together after the fact. But it is pretty simple to do. You will need…

  • Rustic wood planks (I have seen these preassembled at most of the craft stores which makes this project even more simple!
  • Drill and screws (if you need to assemble the planks into one board).
  • Small nails
  • Hammer
  • Embroidery thread (I used 1 whole skein)
  • Cut out of shape you will use (it was a hand drawn heart in this case)
  • Pencil

Here is how you will make the entire piece…


  • Take 4 or 5 shorter plank pieces and assemble them together by screwing in a couple planks on the back (so that they hold everything together – shown above).
  • Trace your cut-out onto the board using your pencil.
  • Nail in the small nails around the shape about 3/4 of an inch or an inch apart.
  • Tie a knot around one nail with your thread and then start stringing across (distributing the spaceing evenly). Tie off and snip the end of the string when you are close to the end.  Make sure you attached each nail. I may go back and add another skein of embroidery thread just to make the color richer – but I am loving it like this too.


That is it! I have it placed alongside my diy chalkboard (tutorial here) and diy faux antler (here). I am enjoying the simplicity of how it looks and how easy it was to make this craft!


It cost hardly nothing because between my friend and I we had all the materials on hand. That is the BEST kind of project and even better when you get to do it with company!


Thanks for stopping by all and have a great weekend.


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