A Little Catching Up…

A Little Catching Up

Hello friends, my posts here have been much less than I would like lately… I’ve (with Tyler’s help of course) have been hard working on the house, running two businesses, making family time a priority and wrapping up this school year! But after what has been a very good/busy season, I will be showing up here more regularly.

I wanted to share some of the latest updates and current projects on our home. I do share on Instagram as well, but I am trying to fill in the gaps here.

A Little Catching Up

Currently, I am working on giving our Powder Bath an update. This was a totally functioning bathroom with nothing wrong with it. The only thing is that I have a hard time with these yellow/brown countertops we have in a couple bathrooms. They just don’t quite fit the style of our home. So I decided to give it some fresh paint, a new mirror and some simple accessories. I will eventually trade out lighting too. I ran through a couple sample colors for the cabinets after priming and ultimately went with the same color I used in one of our bathrooms upstairs, it just works!

A Little Catching Up

Here is where it stands today. I am waiting on some rug options that I will share once they get here.

A Little Catching Up

This project is such a great reminder of the power of paint!

A Little Catching Up

Here is our finished hallway where we ripped up the carpet and I painted the plywood floors. I couldn’t be happier how it turned out.

We love the painted plywood floors so much, that we will be doing it to all the bedrooms over time. We may do carpet one day… But honestly I am loving this with pretty rugs layered.

A Little Catching Up

I shared this view of our stairs already and here it is again… This trio of lights really makes a fun statement in our entryway.

I haven’t even shared a bit about the work we are doing on the front of our home. Wow I really do have some catching up to do!

We had plans from Yardzen that used for reference and their plant ideas as well (you can see below our little plants that we used per their recommendations).

A Little Catching Up

After Christmas, I decided to tackle painting the front exterior of our home (we will do the rest over time including the upper eaves)! I was able to do most of it and then we hired for the tallest parts because it felt dangerous and I wanted someone with experience to handle that.

It still needs work on the walkway and we are trying to bring back the grass…Lighting will be traded out too. But it feels so much better and we are so happy with it!

A Little Catching Up

I found this company Zabitat where you can take your existing door and put in a new window…

A Little Catching Up

It was such an easy transformation!

So here’s what’s on the list next… Everly’s room is getting painted floors and a wall treatment.

A Little Catching Up

Then our family room is getting a wall treatment that I am so excited about!

If I can squeeze it in… I would love to work on the backyard more. Most likely that will begin in August when everyone is back to school.

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  1. OH MY GOSH! I love the updates that you have made! I appreciate that you that you do so much yourselves that are practical and beautiful. I live in Southern California and it is so refreshing to see something that is more similar to our California homes. I’m grateful for your posts and ideas—-keep them coming! Thank you so much!

  2. Wow! You have been really busy! Your home looks beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  3. Loving everything you’ve done! Was the plywood under carpet you removed? Painting it is a great idea with rugs you can switch out, layer, etc. What is the runner in the hall upstairs? I’m interested in natural fiber after our dog ate part of a looped runner and had to have surgery to remove yards and yards of the string, to our horror! Thank you for sharing your home.

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