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Decluttering Accessories, Shoes, Handbags and Makeup – A Journey to Sparking Joy

This is week 3 for the decluttering journey!  I have joined these talented ladies to read through the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo…

A Journey to Sparking Joy:
Anderson & Grant
Making it in the Mountains
DIY Passion
Dwelling in Happiness
Zevy Joy
Cupcakes & Crinoline
Lost in the Found
The Happy Housie

Each week we will pick a category as Marie Kondo suggests and share how we go about tidying up our homes and spaces.  Our challenge for the third phase in the series is to focus on our shoes, accessories, handbags and makeup.


We finally finished our kitchen tonight and so I am going to keep this post pretty short because it has been a long week with lots of hard work =). In Marie Kondo’s book, she suggests following similar guidelines as done when shared the week before with clothing.  The biggest encouragement is to keep things that bring you joy and as I said before, I am really liking the positive outlook when decluttering.  Versus taking out what you do not want, but instead looking at what you want to keep.


I started with shoes (which in years past has been my biggest colleciton of things).  I really tried to remember if I haven’t worn them recently or if they do not make me feel good when wearing them, then I need to get rid of them.  As for handbags , I currently only have a few but did get rid of one that really has had no purpose being in my closet anymore.  Then for scarves I was able to get rid of quite a bit based on Marie Kondo’s recomendations.  My favorite part to clean for the category was makeup.  My personal makeup collection is pretty organized and cleaned out, but our travel toiletries are not.  I loved how she said if you are hanging on to it for future travel but haven’t used it, get rid of it!  I was surprised seeing how much we could get rid of and how much room we made.


All in all, it was another helpfu week in cleaning up our home.  Stay tuned for next week as we tackle the next category.


As always, thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to check out my other friends as they share thier perspective on the decluttering fun!

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    1. Thanks so much Kristi! Yes it has been so nice to have our house back to normal (somewhat). Can’t wait to hear how this week has gone for you all, I think this has been my favorite phase so far. Have a great week.

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