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DIY Hanging Flower and Plant Baskets

Hello there friends! I hope that you have been well. This has been a quiet week for us as we have been prepping or finishing projects and I kinda feel like I have 3 things going, but not quite ready to share them all yet ;)… Tomorrow I am hoping to share a room that I have been keeping quiet for a while. I will be excited to show you soon! Anyhow, today I wanted to pop in quickly and talk about this very easy and inexpensive DIY I am using outdoors. It is a DIY Hanging Flower Basket and the best part is I found most of my supplies at the Dollar Store!

I have been wanting one of the huge floral baskets I keep seeing all over but they run 30-50 dollars and instead I was able to make these for a fraction of the price!

Here is what you will need to make one… 

  • A sheet of moss (available at most craft stores).
  • Dollar store flowers and a couple draping vines or ferns (I used coupons at my local craft stores for these).
  • Metal basket with a handle to hang on a hook (this was from the dollar store).
  • Scissors or wire snips to carefully cut the faux floral stems.
  • Macrame hanging plant holder (this is optional and of course makes things more pricey, I had a couple at home already from a clearance section I found a couple weeks ago).

Here is how you will assemble your hanging basket…

  • I cut the sheet of moss in half and then cut slits in the length so that I could wrap it inside the basket.
  • I also cut a circle the size of the base of the basket to line the bottom as well.

  • I wrapped the inside so it could hide all the faux stems.

  • Then we began stuffing the basket. We made sure to spread out the draping ferns so that they would be distributed a bit.

  • Next came the flowers and I used a variety to break it up some more. All of the white flowers are from the dollar store as mentioned above.

And there you go! This took about ten minutes looks so pretty amongst the other greenery and best yet…  I don’t have to water it!

Speaking of, I had a few questions regarding these hanging wicker shelfs. They are actually shelves that I stuffed potted house plants into, but I think it is something that could easily could be done with square baskets. We just nailed them in to our siding which was wood, not vinyl (another inquiry ;)… Although I do wonder if those amazing command strips may do the trick on vinyl siding?! Hope that helps and thanks so much for stopping by! Hope to see you this afternoon for The Inspiration Gallery and then tomorrow for a room update!

(Pillows and furniture were supplied by Grandin Road Grandin Road and you can find all the info here. All opinion are 100% my own).

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  1. Colorful Yet Earthy and Stylish, I Love it! Thanks so much for sharing and sharing your instructions.

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