DIY Laurel Wreath


I have always enjoyed a pretty laurel wreath, whether it be stamped on elegant paper, an invitation or an elegant boutique’s logo… There is something classic and timeless about the shape of this leafy decor.

I came up with a fun and easy way to make one for your home and I am showing you how to make it today. I am also showing you another way you can use it more simply. You can head over to Craftberry Bush for all the details and I would love if you came to visit me there. Thanks so much friends!

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  1. I found this post on Pinterest and read the entire blog on Craftberry Bush. I absolutely LOVE this look and was hoping to get the sources. You mentioned just picking up the greenery at a local craft store but I was hoping for more specifics…where exactly did you get it? And what kind is it…eucalyptus? Also that “A”…I love the font style…where did you get it? We are actually naming our baby girl an “A” name and I love the slanted look to this letter. I appreciate it so much in advance!

    1. Hi Juliann I am so happy to hear you enjoyed, thank you! I got those branches at my local Michael’s Craft store (it is faux and I think it was supposed to be similar to eucalyptus). Although I plan on making some this Christmas and eucalyptus would be beautiful… The letter is from JoAnn Fabric in their letter/wood craft section. I hope that helps and how sweet for your baby girl name. I am partial to A names especially since my first and last begin with A ;). Have a wonderful week ~

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