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A Helpful Tip for Watering Plants and Flowers

Hello friends! I’m back today with a helpful tip for indoor plants and flowers… I am giving fair warning that a few of these before pictures are not the prettiest ;). But stick with me and hopefully it will be worth it.

Wilted house plants on table.

Watering your house plants.

I have a mixture of faux and real flowers or plants/flowers throughout our home (examples here, here and here). I really do not keep many “live” house plants. They are so lovely though and usually smell incredible. So, I typically have a couple on hand at all times. Lately, that has been basil, lavender and some mint.

Indoor growing lavender in pot on table.

As live plants will do, they begin to look wilted, dried out and ready for nourishment – i.e. water. I have used this little tip for most of my indoor small plants and it has worked really well!

Potted plants on white counter.

Someone once told me that if you water them from the roots up and in a bowl of water – they will do best. Now this may not be for all species of plants and flowers but I do this with most and it has worked. I think the recommendation was originally for potted hydrangeas…?

Potted plant in container of water.

Anyhow, this makes sense if you think about the fact that you are watering them at the source.

Bowls of water on counter.

I never had thought about it and have found this a great way to water.

Plant sitting in water soaking up from the roots.

Here is how I set them up along the window sill. With some sunshine and a bowl of water, they are bound to perk up…

Plants sitting on the window sill.

Here is how they began to look after only a couple hours (I have had this basil for a couple months now so it is naturally drooping as it grows). If they are soaking up the water quickly, I will refill it a bit.

The plants looking perkier as they were watered.

A couple more hours and they are looking as good as new.

Plants on sill looking refreshed.

This was just as the sun was setting and I am certain come morning they will be back to their pretty green nature.

I hope this was a helpful and if you already do this then thanks for joining along. Have a wonderful day you all!

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