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Living Room “Spring” Refresh


Hello friends – this has been a busy week! I have been craving spring lately – so bad! The weather has been back and forth, rain for days and then breaks of sunshine here and there.

Living Room Spring Refresh

When the sun peeks out it makes me realize how ready I am for a change in scenery.


I am pulling out the greenery and making things cozy for the remaining cold days.  This time of year sometimes feels tricky when decorating, but with Easter around the corner, I am choosing to embrace the spring more than winter.


I am also so honored to be sharing this beautiful artwork by Craig at Wellbrock Art (you can find him at WELLBROCK_ART on Instagram).  As we prepared our home for spring it really was the finishing touch to our living space.  It has all my favorite neutral shades of blue, gray, brown, white, gold and silver. With a degree in Art History and former art student all thorughout school, this is just a delight to display someone’s incredible work in our home.


It’s movement is intriquing and I love how individuals can interperate art for themselves – how it makes them feel and what they see. This art makes me happy and feels serene here; it is something we will truly enjoy sharing in our home.


(Copper Tray from Painted Fox – affiliate link in sidebar)

In addition, to my recent gift purchased accent chairs – the room is really feeling like “me”, like our family and most importantly like our home.


It has been a joy to share this journey with you (the day to day, the decorating, the recipes and more) the opportunity to share what I learn along the way.


It is taking time, it takes getting creative, sticking to a budget and making mistakes too.


More than anything I hope that it is an encouragement to you… Till tomorrow!


(As always, all opinions are my own and I feel grateful to be able to share them with you).

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    1. Blake – thank you so much for the compliment and totally get the spring cleaning! I painted our coffee table and share how to under tutorials. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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