Mixed Metals in the Home

I will show you how to used mixed metals in the home!

An open shelf with copper and silver on the shelves.

I know I am not the first to touch on this subject and am loving the opportunity to share my experiences in making a home (while doing it on a budget). I’ve talked about combining styles here and another important lesson learned has been much like that of my wardrobe; I believe that house and fashion can follow the same rule here.  As I continue to enjoy our home I also enjoy mixing the metals I use to decorate it with.

Silver kitchen pulls on the drawers in the kitchen.

I remember when we first bought our home, I was really concerned with the metals matching.  The light fixtures, kitchen pulls, appliances and bathroom fixtures, etc…

A copper tray inside of a wicker basket.

(Copper Tray – Painted Fox – affiliate link in sidebar)

Slowly over the last few years I have changed my mind and learned to pay less attention to the rules and more attention to my creative instincts/the balanced look.

Black chandelier in the dining room.

Now our home is filled with all sorts of finishes, styles and textured warmth!

A thin wire lamp with a white lampshade.

We have Oil Rubbed Bronze, Copper, Brushed Nickel, Antiqued Brass, and more…

Brushed nickel chairs at the table.

I love the way it looks to the eye and more importantly, it is what I enjoy to have inside our home for an inviting space.

A rustic brushed nickel lamp beside a clock.

The rules, whatever they may be,  really shouldn’t constrict us when we fill our homes. Sure, they can be guidelines and helpful tools when it comes to understanding decor, but they are not there to shame us for making bad design decisions are picking wrong paint colors.

An antique silver pull on the door.

Rather, to learn about our tastes and create versatile spaces where we can enjoy company and make memories with our most loved ones.

Shiny silver metal on a white chair.

To do all that within our means and many times using what we may already have.

A wooden cutting board, glasses and a measuring cup on open shelving in the kitchen.

(Copper Wire Shelf from Axel Co.)

When I spend time in someone elses home, my attention is drawn to the conversation, the laugh and the time spent.

A brushed bronze antique stand up lamp behind the white couch.

I choose to have that same trust when people visit our place for the very same purpose.

A metal kitchen aid mixer on the counter.

I continue to learn to pick things that look good to me and get less sidetracked about whether they will be accepted.

Metal legs on the chair.

(Sneak peek of something coming soon… maybe – I’m still deciding)

Learning to trust ourselves and be confident in mixing rose gold rings with silver earrings or Oil Rubbed Bronze fixtures with a Brushed Nickel faucet…

A kitchen sink faucet in silver.

Have fun with it and enjoy! Plus it can prove to be easy on your pocket book – ha! And if matching is your thing – enjoy that too because it is also beautiful.

A tea cup and saucer in white with a gold ring around it.

Make sure to head back for The Inspiration Gallery tonight and thanks so much for stopping by!

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