Ways to Save – DIY Beauty and Cleaning


When I first started on this stay at home journey, we decided to cut as much as we could and make finances manageable without getting ourselves into debt.  We did so by making most things from scratch including cleaning products and makeup. For example the lemons pictured up above are mixed with vinegar and what we use for cleaning.  You can find the recipe and more info here.


Baking Soda has been a special ingredient that has been used for our laundry detergent (info. here), cleaning, scrubbing the bathroom and so much more.


Using less shampoo and conditioner saves money by avoiding washing your hair everyday.  To make this workout I use this DIY dry shampoo (info. here).


Coconut oil is a favorite and we use it for so many things.  To read how this saves our family money you can check out my thoughts here.


Last but not least, another easy makeup blend was this blush/facial powder or bronzer.  Here is how you can make it.

While some of these things may seem like little savings and a lot of work, they are really quite the opposite.  By making these simple household and beauty products, the savings added up over time for our family.

Even more, I really love being able to know what is going into all the things I use.  It is not for everyone, but a great way to improvise when necessary.

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