What Is On My Heart Lately And What I Am Doing About It.

Hi sweet friends. I hope you all have been well. This is our first week of summer and I am trying to catch up here a bit on the blog. I have actually been spending the bulk of my time over on Instagram and sharing quite a bit over there. But knowing that Zevy Joy is my business after all, I felt it important to share where I stand. I have been listening/praying these last couple weeks and felt convicted to speak up. While I don’t get very personal over here (I stick mostly to decor, recipes and DIY), this is a matter of the heart to me and one that I can’t ignore. I feel it is important to acknowledge that I can do better and that we (my family) can do better. Here at Zevy Joy and in my personal life I (we) are in support of Black Lives. I will be continuing to educate myself further, speaking up, diversifying who/what I listen to and working towards change. That is the heart-work I feel called to do… I thought in sharing this with you all, I would also share some resources I have been using along the way in case you are looking for similar resources as well. Please note this is a list in progress… I plan to take my time with all of these things as I want to be genuine in my learning and make sure I understand. It will not be an overnight shift or a sprint, but rather a marathon of authentic transformation. This list may change, be added to etc… But it is a start!

Who I am listening to:

  • Oh Happy Dani – Danielle has some amazing art and prints that she creates. She shares some insight into the matters of of faith and racism or being an antiracist. I highly recommend listening to her Instagram Stories. This is one of the first places I started.
  • I am using audio books to start listening to White Fragility.
  • We are planning to watch 13th this week (my husband and I)

What I Am Reading:

  • My husband and I recently purchased “How To Be An Antiracist” by Abram X. Kendi. Once we receive it, we plan to sit down and go through it together.

How I Am Taking Action:

  • Educating myself and making sure to use my voice to vote.
  • Using what I am learning and sharing that here at home. How I am speaking to my children about racism and how to be an ally. Things I thought I was doing a good job of but really can do better.

How I Am Diversifying Different Areas Of My Life:

  • Since I work as a blogger and content creator, I am diversifying who I am following over on Instagram and who I collaborate with.
  • Here are some incredible Black designers and content creators that I would definitely recommend following:

Ailsa @HappyGoCurly

Kennesha @restorationhouse

Candace @Candacemread

Paula @hillhousevintage

Eureka @mycozycorner

Elena from @thishouse5000

Kay @onceupona1912

Ursula @homemadebycarmona

  • I am working to diversify my children’s books and what my kiddos are reading in their libraries. Or what dolls my daughter has in her toy boxes.

Black Owned Shops that I am excited to support and use in the future!

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