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Girl’s Tween Room with Wainscoting

*This post was sponsored by Novo Building Products

How We Updated Our Tween Daughter’s Room with Wainscoting…

Wainscoting For A Girl’s Tween Room!

I am so excited to be back here sharing another update in our home… And this time it is for our tween daughter’s room. We updated the whole room with this beautiful wainscoting kit from Novo Building Products. I can’t believe the difference in here with the decorative wood panels and how straight forward the kit is.

Here are a couple before photos (and what it looked like when we moved in up above)…

Girl's Tween Room with Wainscoting
Girl's Tween Room with Wainscoting

Here is the after!

As you can see this wainscoting made a huge difference in her room and how it all came together!

I took some photos of the process and how these kits work. Novo Building Products has a variety of styles you can choose from. This specific kit is the Harrison in white wood and I chose to do the 36 inch height. The kit includes the baseboard, 1 top rail cap, 1 top rail and then 19 reed moulding sticks.

You simply start by installing the baseboards.

Then you add the reed moulding sticks (panels). As a side note the manufacturer shared: “These products are kiln dried and molded with the grain to alleviate any potential movement.  Sometimes pieces will warp or twist a bit based on where it was dried, where it traveled, and where it was installed. To alleviate this, make sure the product is adhered well to the surface with either finished nails and/or urethane glue. Wide profiles like this one can warp if there are different grains in a single piece“.

We made sure to use finish nails and this worked really well.

Lastly, you add the top rail and rail cap pieces.

Girl's Tween Room with Wainscoting

Girl's Tween Room with Wainscoting

Once that is complete, you fill/sand holes and calk all the seams!

We finished things off with a primer and semi-gloss blue paint. I can’t tell you how much these products finish a space off. They bring character to a room and the best way I can describe it, is that moldings and trims are like the icing on a cake. They make things that much sweeter and are the decorative touch!

Novo Building Product’s quality is excellent… This isn’t our first time using Novo Building Products, we are huge fans! Every time we install their pieces we are amazed at the transformations. I truly believe that trims, finishes and kits like this are a great way to enhance your home. We will never regret these decorative finishes we have made to the different rooms throughout our home over the years.

As you can see we also changed out her flooring from the carpet we previously had in there. That is a whole different story for another day, haha!

Overall my daughter wanted the room to have a sophisticated feel with her favorite color blue.

She wanted there to some nautical pieces, but also things that show her love for animals and nature.

Now she can go fill her picture frames and continue to add her personal favorites to this newly updated girl’s tween room!

You can find these kits at Home Depot.

Thanks so much to our wonderful sponsor, Novo Building Products for this post and being a part of making our home. We highly recommend checking their products out!

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  1. Beautiful transformation! I’m sure she just loves it. Thank you for always giving so much inspiration.

  2. Annie—
    This is absolutely wonderful—it looks like it will carry her through all the way to college. Love the fresh take on a room for a girl who’s growing up. Love!

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