5 Ingredient Blueberry Crepes!

Easy Blueberry Crepes!

5 Ingredient Blueberry Crepes

How To Make Simple 5 Ingredient Blueberry Crepes!

Do you ever get excited about an idea with baking and realize all the possibilities it has! That is how I feel about this recipe today… These 5 ingredient blueberry crepes came from a quinoa tortilla recipe I make here at the house and use often!

5 Ingredient Blueberry Crepes

One day I realized how these quinoa tortillas could also be pancakes. And then this week, I was so excited to think they would make perfect crepes!

5 Ingredient Blueberry Crepes

I knew that the batter would need to be watered down a bit but that they would work perfectly….

5 Ingredient Blueberry Crepes

I am happy to report that this little snowballed idea has now turned into a recipe I plan to use on a regular basis.

5 Ingredient Blueberry Crepes

I think what I love most about it is that it uses healthy ingredients and there is limited amounts of sugar (coconut sugar that is).

5 Ingredient Blueberry Crepes

I used frozen blueberries we had on hand, but these could be so delicious with a variety of fruits and fillings!

5 Ingredient Blueberry Crepes

I will state, that my recipe says 5 ingredients, but water is a 6th ingredient and I just chose to not truly count that as an official ingredient… lol.

5 Ingredient Blueberry Crepes

I hope you enjoy trying these out and please let me know if you do!

Thank you to Janine at Happy Happy Nester, Ashley at Modern Glam and Leslie at My 100 Year Old Home for putting this post together! Make sure to check out all the delicious recipes down below!

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