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Pumpkin Varieties And Their Many Uses

Hey there friends… this post is going to be simple and it is going to be sweet or to the point ;). I recently took a trip to a few local stores and grabbed up some pumpkins. As I was checking out of the store, I asked the sweet woman helping me if she could let me know the names of each pumpkin variety. So I thought it would be fun to share what I found out with you!

I will disclose, that I think there may even be more sophisticated names out there, but this is what I have learned so far. And P.S… Pumpkins are the prettiest most imperfect produce I know! Why do I get so excited over them?! Not sure, but it really doesn’t matter, haha.

Lets start with these blue beauties!! They are Blue Dolls…

I mean just look at their bumpy lumpy shape! The best!

Now just below the blue doll is that dusty looking orange one.

Those are called Cinderella or Fairytale pumpkins. Don’t they look like someone has painted a chalky pink paint all over the top?! You can’t make this stuff up… its just so lovely.

The next one didn’t seem to have as pretty of a name… Although I love these neutral white pumpkins too.

They are just plain ole White Carving Pumpkins. And their mini counterpart down below…

Is just that, a White Mini Pumpkin. Others that I did not buy or are not pictured include varieties of orange carving, jumbo, prize, warty goblins (a little spooky sounding) and orange minis.

And here they all are looking beautiful together. Maybe you found that a little bit interesting as I have always thought that all fancy pumpkins were just Cinderella pumpkins and didn’t know that blue ones were blue dolls etc…

Just for fun I’ve included a round up of some my favorite pumpkin projects here on the blog if you would like to take a look.

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  1. Thanks for the pumpkin info and beautiful photos. Unfortunately where I live in Texas I never see the white pumpkins for sale. My favorite is the cinderella variety but they can be so darn expensive to buy.

    1. Hi Nicole, thanks for visiting! I agree with you that they can be expensive… I find that our local Trader Joes is the most reasonable but I am not sure if they have those in Texas? I do faux when all else fails ;)!

  2. My favorite pumpkin is known as a cheese pumpkin, so called because it looks like a wheel of cheese. With its flat form and buff color, it really does resemble a wheel of cheese. One popular type is the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin and is an heirloom variety. It’s apparently great as a pie pumpkin, but a little hard to find. When I do find a place selling them, I always buy one, but not for pie. I cut a “lid” at the top, scoop out the seeds, and put some butter and brown sugar or maple syrup inside, replace the lid, then bake it. Great served with a main course like ham or turkey, and the half moon slices look stunning on the dinner plates and are absolutely delicious! Will work for both decorating AND for something tasty.

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