Mixing Metals and Decades

I will show you how I mixed my metal jewellery with my 80’s flared jeans and made a real fashion statement.

Long chain necklaces silver and gold.

Tree with red berries and girl standing next to tree.

Girl sitting on a bench with hands crossed on legs.Top: thrifted | Jeans: old | Necklaces: Silpada and Silpada | Bracelet: Silpada | Ring: Silpada

I found this top while thrifting (assuming it is dated from the 80’s) and decided to pair it with my flared jeans. While I was mixing fashion from different time periods I went ahead and did the same by mixing metals with my Silpada jewels. It has been fun to try new things, look at pieces differently (while thrifting) and push my style. Hope this gives some inspiration to try something new and thanks for stopping by!

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