How to Make a Dinner Napkin Using a Fabric Quarter


Last week I had the pleasure of sharing a Mother’s Day inspired table with some of my friends here and yesterday I talked about the basics to setting a table. Both of these settings shared a common style of dinner napkin. Today I wanted to teach you how easy it can be to make some for you own table!


I tend to randomly buy fabric quarters at the craft store because I like having some extra fabric around for small projects and in times like these, when you never know what random use you will find for them ;).


As I was setting my table last week, I wanted to use a variety of napkins, I had these linen ones pictured above (but only a couple), and a set of others… I looked through all of my fabric stash and found a couple neutral toned quarters I thought would be perfect.


With fabric quarters in hand, I brought out the ironing board, scissors, needle, thread and sewing machine as I prepped this quick project.

Here is what you will do…


Fold over and iron all the edges of your fabric quarter. I measured about a half inch because I wanted the hem to be thicker.


Now fold it over and iron a second time. This step hides the frayed material and will keep it from continuing to fray when washed.


This part is a bit tricky, but still easy enough to do. Take all your folded and ironed seams and find a corner. Unfold one side so that you can get ready to turn in it’s corner.


I apologize for the quality of this picture (I was trying to use one hand while holding the napkin and photographing so it got a bit wobbly and lost focus =). Turn the corner in to make a triangle as pictured above. Now fold back the folded side.


You will have a nice tucked and finished point. Repeat this step with all 4 corners and then sew each side. I sewed about a 1/4 or in the middle of the pressed seam.


Now you have a good sized dinner napkin ready for use. I styled mine with the seam facing out because I liked the extra detail that it added.


From start to finish, an easy dinner napkin that can be made with basic sewing skills!




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    1. Hi Susan! Thanks so much for sharing and I am happy to hear this may be useful! Have a great week sweet lady~

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