9 Simple Steps for Setting a Table


Hello friends, I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much for stopping by the Mother’s Day Table Tour and for all of the sweet words! I wanted to come back this week and share 9 simple steps for decorating or setting a table. I will start off by saying that I am not a pro here, but that this is how I enjoy setting our table and I will also say that my company still has a good time even if there fork is in the wrong place – ha! Nonetheless, here we go!



1. You will start with a blank canvas, an empty table…


2. Next you will gather all your supplies: a table linen, napkins, chargers, plates, flatware, drinkware and a centerpiece.


3. Lay out your linen or tablecloth. I used a small linen, but you could use a runner or a table cloth instead.


4. Now set your centerpiece. This can be a variety of things as seen here and here. I used a thrifted wooden crate filled with faux hydrangeas and some of our garden flowers. It is nice if the piece sits lower to the table so guests can see one another and visit. Otherwise, you can just remove it prior to serving the food.


5. Now set out you chargers or placemats. I mostly use chargers as I love the texture they provide. I have found some at the dollar store and seen others at the thrift store so it does not mean it has to be something expensive.


6. Layer your dishes. You can begin to put your plates on top of the charger. What plates you use will depend on what courses you will be having.


7. Incorporate Napkins. I love this step as there are so many prints/styles of napkins and ways to fold them. I tend to tuck mine underneath a plate as seen up above. Here I have folded them to a point. I will be sharing a simple sewing tutorial for these napkins later this week.


8. Make sure to put out your flatware. When it is a simple family meal or a casual dinner, I arrange my flatware in this pattern up above. There are some very specific reasons as to why you place things in certain positions and with a simple google search I am sure you can find the all the particular specifics on etiquette. Today I wanted to focus on settings in there simplest form.


9. Lastly, give your guest drinkware to enjoy. Most occasions I will set out a water glass and then some other type of drinkware for whatever additional drink we may be serving.


Now you have a table set for your friends and family to enjoy. These are the very basics and you could always add to what I have here, including a salad fork, goblets, etc…


In addition I wanted to share how we store our entertaining dishes in a very small house. I have a sideboard that houses two large baskets. These baskets hide away the dishes but make it quick for setting when necessary.


The convenience is wonderful and the space it saves from putting dishes in the kitchen is tremendous.


I take advantage of every inch, storing platters and chargers down below…


(Rug is from Rugs USA)

I hope you enjoyed and thanks so much for stopping by! I will be back a few more times this week sharing some fun projects. Have a great week ahead!

Everything Home Magazine released it’s May edition and you can read the entire thing by clicking here!


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