6 Valentine’s Day Table Settings and Floral Arrangements

Here are 6 different table settings and floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day. Everything from a charcuterie board to elegant spreads!

I am sharing a look at 6 different ideas for setting your table and celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with flowers and food options too!

1. Rich Pink and Plum Floral Arrangement

This floral arrangement was made with a variety of deeper pink colored flowers and faux plums (you could easily use real). I love the contrast of the pink and green in this arrangement. I found all of these flowers at our local grocery store and this could be replicated with any flower similar in color.

Valentine's Table Settings

You may notice that I love to incorporate fruit into so many of my floral arrangements. I think it just romanticizes the whole look and is especially fitting during Valentine’s Day. Although you will see fruit mixed in with Christmas decor regularly too.

The vase I used was glass and I see similar ones when thrifting all the time. Same with the wooden bowls! In fact most table settings can be done with fun thrifting finds. Over the years I have found myself sticking more and more to my everyday white dishes. They are so versatile and you can switch the look up easily with cloth napkins, table runners, and flowers.

2. A Valentine’s Charcuterie Board

Valentine's Day ideas

Next up is this festive Valentine’s Day charcuterie board. It was easy to pull together with fun cookies, fruit and cheese. You can personalize this with your favorite Valentine’s Day cookies and treats. Store bought or home made work perfectly!

Valentine's Day

Charcuterie boards are a very fun way to entertain or even just have a different way of doing dessert one night! There are many creative ways to make these as well. I especially loved the look of the juicy reds and bright pinks sprinkled across the board. This board was quite small, but they can run along a whole table or sit on a petite wood board like mine.

3. Tulip and Rose Valentine’s Tablescape

Valentine's Day

This tablescape included an arrangement within a pedestal bowl. Tulips and roses are partnered to make a pretty visual for the centerpiece. You will also see these cute DIY napkin rings.

Valentine's Day Tables

Another fun way to break up ordinary everyday dishes is to use contrasting charges and gold flatware like this setting. Linen napkins are such a soft, casual yet elegant touch too. I’m all about that mix of formal/causal both in home decor and table decor. I like the wrinkles partnered with the glitz of metal and formal flowers.

4. A Simple Valentine’s Day Kid’s Table Setting

Valentine's Day ideas

I arranged this table setting for my kids years ago and it was such a sweet one. They had a great time helping me get everything ready, everything from arranging the table to making the main course/dessert.

Valentine's Day

Everything was done with the theme of hearts of course! Heart dishes, heart pizza, heart decor, etc… We sprinkled home made donuts with fun toppings and used no fuss flatware. This was a casual table, just right for kids and we enjoyed the whole thing!

5. Pink And Gold Valentine’s Table

Table Settings for Valentine's Day

This was a more formal spread with a smaller floral arrangement. Pink and gold took the stage. You will see even a slight pop of black with that bowl I arranged the flowers in. Fuchsia napkins were the focus on each gold charger/plate combo.

Valentine's Day Table settings and floral arrangements

I still use these shell/gold flatware on special occasions and holidays. It is so pretty and easy to add to any style of table. This tablescape is versatile for any get together and could be adapted for a table of two as well!

6. Table Setting With Roses and Fruit

Yet again, here is a table with flowers and fruit. This time I really went big with many roses and a lot of fruit. This may be one of my most extravagant table settings I have done. This wooden floral box I made was large and held a lot of flowers. There were jars of water set inside holding all of the flowers.

Many times I will use both real and faux flowers. I feel this cuts down on the cost overall and it is hard to differentiate what is real and what is fake. It is one of my tried and true floral arranging tips throughout the years. This table oozes that Valentine’s Day vibe and was so pretty!

It has been fun to look back at these 6 different table settings and floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day. Everything from the charcuterie board to elegant spreads like this one up above! Thanks so much for visiting today and see you back here soon.

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