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8 DIY Easter Egg Ideas

Elevate your Easter celebration with fun and easy DIY Easter egg crafts, from dyeing techniques to modern embellishments like decoupage, metallic paint, and panoramic, adding a personal touch to your holiday decor!

Here are 8 DIY Easter Egg Ideas to consider trying out for this holiday season.

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Easter Egg ideas

1. Vintage Inspired DIY Painted Easter Eggs

Easter Egg DIY

This was such a fun project to do with wooden eggs and could be done with any color scheme! You will only need paint/brushes, paint pens and wooden eggs to complete this craft and it makes lovely decor to enjoy throughout the season!

2. DIY Authentic Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

I researched authentic chicken egg colors for this particular project and was amazed at the variety of color real eggs can be… They are so beautiful! This like the previous project, is simple and quick to do. You will just need paint/paintbrush and wooden eggs. I prefer wooden eggs for many of these projects because it is much easier to paint than plastic ones. Paper-mache eggs work well too.

3. Metallic Easter Eggs

easter eggs

This next egg craft is done with metallic paints and turned out lovely! You could do this with gold, rose gold, copper and silver metallics!

4. Tea Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter egg crafts

I experimented with dying Easter eggs using different teas and how it worked with natural dye this way. I loved how they turned out, very natural and subtle! It was an interesting project looking at how tea and the type of tea would affect the outcome of color on each egg. I did this with my children when they were little and they really enjoyed the “waiting” to see what would become of each egg.

5. Puffy Paint Easter Eggs

8 Easter egg ideas

These Easter Eggs brought me back to my childhood in the 80’s and 90’s when Puffy Paint was a regular thing, haha! I took wooden eggs and decorated them with Puffy Paint. They turned out super cute and were very DIY friendly!

6. DIY Easter Pedestal Egg

Easter Eggs

Sometimes you just want to have decor for the season, but keep it minimal. This Easter egg project was just that. I made a pedestal egg and shared a couple ways you good decorate the Easter Egg itself. It was an elegant display that would work perfectly in any vignette.

7. DIY Bunny Garden Easter Basket/ Panoramic Easter Egg

Easter Egg DIYs

Here’s was another Easter egg craft that brought me back to fond memories of my childhood. My grandma would gift us one of those sugar panoramic easter eggs every year and I wanted to recreate my own version of that. I would say this is a combination of panoramic egg with fairy garden vibes. It turned out so sweet!

8. DIY Bunny Easter Egg

Easter Egg ideas

I want to do this project again and make a couple adjustments because it really is one of my favorite Easter Egg projects! It is darling and my kids thought it was the best! Each egg is a nod to the festive farm animals that are used for decorating themes during the season. This is a whimsical craft that all can enjoy!

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

If you are looking for DIY Easter Supplies, here are some suggestions:

And there you have 8 simple DIY Easter egg crafts, from dyeing methods to pretty decoupage, paints, and panoramic scenes, perfect for spring holiday decor! Hope you enjoy and see you next week.

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