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Updated Rustic and Warm Wood Beams in the Family Room

The Warm Addition Of Beams In The Family Room!

*This post is sponsored by Ornamental Moulding, a Novo Building Products Company

How We Added Rustic Wood Beams To Our Family Room!

I’ve got another fun update to share with you today! You may remember these first photos from the day that we moved into our home… And while it was lovely, we made some changes. We went from this… To brightening things and warming them up with Ornamental Moulding’s faux beams. We added these beautiful rustic beams and they instantly warmed up this whole space as you can see below!

Honestly, I can’t get over the change! It feels so fresh and cozy in here now.

I have continued to share how my vision for this sweet home of ours would be a coastal/ranch style home. We aren’t far from the beach and the actual structure of the home is Prairie Style/Ranch… So this combo was just right. I knew right away as I began designing this home that beams were just what this sweet house needed.

I was thrilled when given the opportunity to work with Ornamental Moulding as they are the best! They have everything from decorative moldings – decorative accessories. These faux beams are high quality and simple to install. Let me share a little bit of the process here below.

Updated Rustic and Warm Wood Beams in the Family Room

They are available in a couple options: prestained gray faux beam and maple beam. They have a rustic feel to them as well. We went with the maple beam and chose to stain them in a special walnut color. I love the depth they carry with this stain (although they were beautiful as is). We laid them out all over the floor once they were stained and began to partner up pieces as we chose the layout for our ceiling.

Updated Rustic and Warm Wood Beams in the Family Room

For starters, this is a two person job… So Ty and I got to working! We used chalk lines to measure out where we would be placing each beam. Next we attached (using screws) the mounting plates that were used to hold the faux beams. Each mounting plate and beam was also cut to size as we went along installing them.

Updated Rustic and Warm Wood Beams in the Family Room

Lastly, we placed the shell of the faux beam to the mounting plates, screwed them in and that was it! So very easy!

Updated Rustic and Warm Wood Beams in the Family Room

I couldn’t believe what a transformation these Ornamental Moulding faux beams made (even though I was fully expecting it to be amazing, this was even better)!

Now this room has subtle variations of warm wood tones and varying whites. Without the wood, this room would feel too cold and empty. Coastal design has all those fresh whites/neutrals and ranch design has rustic, deep hues of wood… Together they come together as a lovely combo!

Updated Rustic and Warm Wood Beams in the Family Room

Faux beams can really help bring a space together and frame it out. Your eye moves all over the different angles of the room.

Updated Rustic and Warm Wood Beams in the Family Room

Now we just have some subtle details to add in here and there as we continue to make this space our home (I am still trying to decide if or what we will do to the fireplace). But most importantly, the foundation has been laid.

Updated Rustic and Warm Wood Beams in the Family Room

It is really quite convenient to find these Ornamental Moulding faux beams. They are available at Lowes, Home Depot and Wayfair. Make sure to check them out!

I appreciate you visiting with me as I share about how rustic faux beams added warmth and depth to our home. Make sure and check back soon as these beams will also be finding their way into our kitchen… So stay tuned!

Thanks so much to Ornamental Moulding, a Novo Building Products Company for sponsoring this post!

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  1. I love the beams! They really do add a rustic cozy touch as well as a good balance with your coastal theme. You are making your new home so beautiful and I’m excited for you as you transform and make this home all your own. My thought when I saw this room was to paint the fireplace brick an off white. I think it will add a nice contrast to the beams as well as bring in the coastal theme. I think you will be amazed at how this will update the look you want. The brown brick definitely adds a more rustic look so if that’s what you prefer I think it will be fine to leave as is. Just my opinion- you’ve got a great eye for design so whatever you decide I know it will look good. 🙂

    1. Hi Carla! Thank you so much, I really am glad you think so! And I agree… That is what I am leaning towards too and I appreciate your feedback it really is helpful =). I have been slow to do it as I know it will be hard to turn back, but the more I am in here, the more I am thinking I will go that direction for those reasons as well. Thanks again!

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