How to Decorate your Office Space


I recently recieved a second installment of Paper Works monthly supplies  and was organizing them on my teeny tiny work space.  It got me think how I was displaying the artwork, organizing my piles and making this spot feel like I wanted to work there. So I wanted to share a few tips with you today…



  • Every work space could benefit from the additon of flowers, whether they are faux or real.  They brighten the space and make it fresh.



  • Take fun printables or artwork like these above from Paper Works and personalize your space with colors or graphics that you enjoy.  These can also be easily be traded out through the seasons.



  • Paying attention to details such as glittery tape or shiny tacks draw the eye in.  They highlight the bigger pieces and make the space feel finished and thought through.



  • Thanks to Paper Works organization here is made easy. Use orgazination to keep your agendas, menus and lists focused. Better yet display them so that they are in sight and in this case, pretty too.



  • Always try to incorporate texture somethow.  Whether it be through poms, tassels, linens, blankets, burlap, etc… This is just such a simple and effective way to decorate.



  • Make storage dual purpose.  It can be simple and attractive while storing your important paperwork like shown above.  This inexpensive magazine rack still shows off my papers but keeps them confined in one tidy spot.



  • Don’t forget to add in accessories through books, ribbons, or faux antlers as shown above (tutorial here).

I plan to continue to work on this space as it is always the first to get cluttered and things just find thier way here.  But this was a refreshing start.

I hope this may be helpful and if you are looking for some more organization and decluttering posts you can look here, here and here.

Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to see you at The Inspiration Gallery later today.


(As always, these opinions regarding Paper Works is 100% my own.)

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    1. Hi Sandra, thank you so much. I actually just covered some tiled cork boards with linen fabric and then accented with the inexpensive brass tacks. I appreciate you stopping by!

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